All about Ampere, Renault's new brand

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The electric revolution is taking a new turn at Renault. The French manufacturer will launch its Ampere brand on the stock market. It does not give up the thermal but will share it with the Chinese Geely.

All about Ampere, Renault's new brand

Ampere (without accent) is the new brand launched by Renault on November 8, 2022, with plans to list it on the stock market. Renault hopes to value Ampere at 10 billion euros.

This new subsidiary, focused on electric vehicles, will produce one million cars under the Renault brand by 2031. 10,000 employees in France will be brought together to carry out this project.

30% growth in 2030

Ampere will mainly produce the new Renault 5 and Renault 4 at its plants in northern France. The diamond brand forecasts 30% annual growth over the next eight years and a 10% margin in 2030 (compared to 4.7% in the first half of 2022).

Renault also intends to rely on the reputation of the Alpine brand in Formula 1 to develop it. While only one model, the A110, is currently available (a few thousand units have sold out), Renault plans to offer a small sedan and an SUV, all electric, as well as a large sedan and a luxury sedan, in North America or China.

To launch the project, Renault surrounded itself with renowned investors. The electrical giant Qualcomm (chip manufacturer), supplier of Renault, will be one of the shareholders. Nissan and the French State (which own 15% of the diamond brand) will also be shareholders. It remains to be seen to what extent.

All eyes are on Nissan, whose involvement in the Ampere project promises to be complicated. The two entities of the Renault-Nissan group are cold, the second getting tired of its second-tier position in the group. However, Renault needs its partner more than ever (in particular its technologies) to shape Ampere.

A complete reorganization of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is to be expected, Renault having already announced a reduction in its stake in Nissan, the latter representing little interest in the group's strategy. In the third quarter of 2022, Nissan contributed 27 million euros to Renault's third quarter 2022 results. A trifle.

The development of electricity will also be accompanied by infrastructure. With Mobilize, Renault will deploy a network of its own charging stations, similar to Tesla's Superchargers. Mobilize stations will offer terminals up to 400 kW of power and will be installed in the manufacturer's concessions. The latter will also be redesigned, with play areas, relaxation areas. A good way to increase traffic in dealerships. The first stations will be deployed from mid-2024.

Renault is turning to China for internal combustion engines

Renault is not completely abandoning the thermal car market. The group will share its activities with the Chinese group Geely, owner of Volvo, with a proportion of 50/50.

A new entity, called “Horse”, will be created to develop and produce engines, gearboxes and hybridization systems for thermal and hybrid cars.

19,000 employees will be active in ten- seven factories and five R&D centers in three European countries (Spain, Romania and Sweden), China and South America. Renault expects a turnover of 15 billion euros and growth of 4% until 2027.

A larger entity, called ” Power  » will bring together all the thermal and hybrid activities (including “Horse “) of the group, including those of Dacia.

Renault has also just signed a partnership with Google to design a new electronic platform for its vehicles launched in 2026. Google will also be in charge of data management.    We are designing an agile and innovative organization to manage the volatility and accelerated technological evolution of our times , said Luca de Meo, Group Managing Director.