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Alien Romulus: we have the first returns, the worthy successor to the franchise

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun25,2024

Expected in August at the cinema, Alien Romulus was released in August. project in front of an audience of journalists Paris, who judged from the first minutes of the film by Fede Alvarez who promised to return to the sources of the saga, that is to say to its claustrophobic and atmospheric atmosphere more organic and sticky creatures.

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< h2>first 15 minutes of Alien: Romulus, a real return to basics

Exit Ridley Scott and two rather controversial films (Alien Prometheus (2012) and Covenant (2017)), the reins of the Alien saga are now entrusted to Fede Alvarez, Uruguayan director behind the remake of 'Evil Dead or Don't Breath, and big fan of the license. The promise — on paper — very gory sequences and a return to the past. horror in homage to the first two films in the license. The director was present at the event. Paris to present fifteen minutes of his film and respond to questions some questions from the journalists present on site. The latter were then able to deliver their first impressions of the film expected on August 14 in cinemas. 

We quickly feel Scott's inspiration (producer of Romulus by the way) with this claustrophobic sensation of being stuck in space with a creature that is chasing us. It is also difficult not to see in Cailee Spaeny (Priscilla, Civil War), a young Ripley in the making. Whether in an artistic direction mixing digital effects and practical effects – the return to the use of models gives character to the general aesthetic – or in the construction of its characters, Alien: Romulus seems to summon the first four films of the franchise, while mixing the mediums. It seems that Alien: Romulus has managed to breathe new life into the saga by combining the inspirations of the first four films while giving it a more modern look

– Journal du geek

We really appreciate the atmospheres created by Alien: Romulus. James Cameron certainly would not have spat out on these vintage decors and these subdued lightings. This visual and technical accuracy is coupled with sound editing close to perfection, thereby reinforcing the sound quality. even the immersion in this suffocating camera. All integrated into à a setting strongly inspired by the canons of science fiction from the 1980s and 1990s. What a treat!

– the pop point

more sexual and organic Xenomorphs

The creatures are particularly successful, and fans will have the opportunity to observe the facehuggers and the Xenomorph like they have never seen them. We return to; a more organic and repulsive creature design, openly emphasizing the sexual dimension of monsters, as in the original drawings of H.R. Giger. During this handful of sequences, Fede & Aacute;lvarez also shows a certain talent for raising the tension and stakes of a scene, thanks to good ideas, whether it's a door that's struggling to open open, or a simple device to open; X-rays… Formidably effective.

– Les Numériques

Alien Romulus: we have the first returns, the worthy successor to the franchise

In space, no one hears you scream, we warned in “Alien, the eighth passenger”. And this is exactly the reaction that Fede Alavarez wants to provoke in his audience, with this film which promises to be highly effective. formidable, with Cailee Spaeny in the main role, and a band of young actors who will have to face a challenge. the most fearsome creature in the galaxy. Fifteen minutes is a short time to get a clear idea, but it was enough to give you something to think about. the author of these lines has an irrepressible desire to discover the film in its entirety

– Cnews

In a few minutes, we are hooked! by the claustrophy that emerges from each shot, especially since all of this is magnified by with a camera carefully placed in the right place to amplify each frame, it is of great beauty, let's not be afraid of words. In any case, the watchword with this Alien Romulus is the desire to return to the sources, which is what we have always been passionate about for the Alien franchise, especially since Ridley Scott is a a little too far apart from the initial point with Prometheus and Alien Covenant, two films criticized by the and which are nevertheless the work of the original creator. Fede Alvarez, he is from our generation, and he like us, he grew up under the impact and influence of Alien and the works of Ridley Scott, with whom he worked on closely.

– Games News

Alien Romulus: we have the first returns, the worthy successor to the franchise

The filmmaker seems to have found something new. the right balance between a revival of the classic elements of Alien, with respect for the original designs, and new elements imagined by Fede & Aacute;lvarez. Which corresponds to; the DNA of the saga, since the directors who came after Ridley Scott all brought a form of renewal while keeping the spirit of Alien.

– Ciné Series

Fede Alvarez seems to have operated on for a return to the sources in its construction of horror, but also in its practical effects, its play of lights andits design of the Xénomorphs, more organic.

We remind you that Alien: Romulus is located in betweenAlien, the eighth passenger and Aliens, the return, the first two parts of the franchise. It follows a group of young colonists exploring an abandoned orbital station without knowing that it is home to the most evolved form of organic life in existence. There you go which is in any case promising. See you this summer to see if Alien Romulus confirms or not the hopes placed in it, that of a return of the saga to its original form. its best level.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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