Alias ​​'Violeta', accused of the terrorist attack in the Andean center, will be released to participate in the ELN talks

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The arrest warrant for Violeta Arango would be suspended so that she can travel to Venezuela to participate in talks with the government

Alias ​​‘Violeta’, accused of the terrorist attack in the Andean center, will be released to participate in the ELN talks< /p>Violeta Arango, alias 'Violeta' will be released for talks with ELN. Photo:c Colprensa

Violeta Arango, alias 'Violeta', arrested for the attack on the Andino shopping center in Bogotá in 2017, will remain in freedom to be a peace manager in the talks between the Colombian government and the ELN guerrillas in Venezuela.

The detainee would be released by justice, despite having a judicial process active for the attack in the north of Bogotá. His warrant for her arrest would be suspended for her to travel to Venezuela to advance peace talks.

Let us remember that added to Andino's, justice would have determined that the woman, also identified as alias 'Rola', would be involved in at least ten other terrorist acts, nine perpetrated in the country's capital and one more in Pereira. Well, her criminal career would have started militating in the Popular Revolutionary Movement -MRP; and later she joined the ranks of the ELN.

This woman, apparently, was part of the self-styled People's Revolutionary Movement (MRP), which would be responsible for 10 terrorist acts against the headquarters of the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs (DIAN), facilities of Health Promotion Companies (EPS) and banking corporations, between April 2015 and June 2017″, indicated the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation about alias 'Rola' another of his nicknames within the guerrilla group.

In the same situation of freedom will remain Jairo Arregui, alias 'Antonio', who has 73 arrest warrants for homicide, acts of terrorism, rebellion, illegal recruitment of minors and kidnapping for extortion, among others.< /p>

As the days go by, the names of the ELN peace delegation that will sit at the table with the national government become known. The list revealed by the aforementioned medium in which the names of the members who would take part in the negotiation table are recorded are: Pablo Beltrán, Aureliano Carbonell, Bernardo Téllez, Gustavo Martínez, Consuelo Tapias, Silvana Guerrero , Isabel Torres, Óscar Serrano, Vivían Henao, Ricardo Pérez, Cataleya Jiménez, Eduin Restrepo, Américo Tres Palacios, Manuela Márquez, Mauricio Iguarán and Simón Pabón.

Similarly, sources close to us learned that the request was made by the National Government under the protection of Public Order Law 418, which was recently extended by the Congress of the Republic, to develop President Gustavo Petro's plan.

It is worth mentioning that, in recent days, 188 social organizations from the five continents approved 16 resolutions containing calls for action for States and the international community to strengthen protocols and protection of human rights.

According to international organizations, the Total Peace implies “resuming compliance with the Final Peace Agreement, seriously weakened by the government of Iván Duque Márquez, advancing in a negotiation process with the National Liberation Army and other guerrillas, while carrying out actions to clear the paramilitaries and their support networks”.

Alias ​​'Violeta'

This woman has been continuously monitored by the authorities since it was determined that she was allegedly linked to the attack on the Andino shopping center in 2017. ' Violeta' was the last person yet to be captured, since in recent years the apprehension of 11 other people has been completed.

Violeta Arango Ramírez was wanted by Interpol, as she had a circular blue and was accused of the crimes of conspiracy to commit a crime and terrorism for the attack in the shopping center. It should be noted that this war action left nine injured and three people dead, among whom was a woman of French nationality.

The bomb was installed in the women's bathroom and detonated on five in the afternoon of June 17, 2017, while citizens went to the place to do their shopping in anticipation of Father's Day in Colombia.