Alianza Lima defeated Melgar and Hernán Barcos maintained that they beat “a great rival”

Alianza Lima defeated Melgar and Hernán Barcos maintained that they beat “a great rival”

The 'Pirate' was one of the figures of the game that was played at the Alejandro Villanueva stadium for the Closing Tournament of League 1.

Alianza Lima defeated Melgar and Hernán Barcos maintained that they beat “ a great rival”

Hernán Barcos scored in the victory of Alianza vs. Melgar. (Photo: Leonardo Fernández/@photo.gec)

A resounding match for the Blue and White team. Hernán Barcos played a great game in Alianza Lima's 2-0 victory against Melgar and, after that, gave statements in which he evaluated and highlighted the work of the intimate team in the duel that was played in Matute for the Closing Tournament of League 1.

A very nice setting with our people. We played a very good game, we were able to show what we had been working on. Today yes, with our field, with our people, with the intensity that is needed”, said the blue and white striker, who reached thirteen goals in League 1 2022.

Regarding the significance of what it means to beat a rival like Melgar, Barcos stated that this was only one of the many finals that lie ahead. “We beat a great rival, one of the best in the championship. That gives us peace of mind, but we have to follow step by step. We won one more final and we have seven or eight finals left that depend on us”, he said.

The plays we had, we had to finish it well. We had two or three situations and we scored two goals and I think that he hit Melgar. Then they tried to play their football, but with the pressure and intensity we put on it, we didn't let them generate. I think they felt quite uncomfortable”, he added, referring to how they neutralized the virtues of Pablo Lavallén's pupils.

Finally, the 38-year-old striker pointed out that they will go step by step in this new beginning with Guillermo Salas. “It was the last chance we had to fight for the championship, we knew it from the last game. We started from scratch with 'Chicho' (Salas), we committed ourselves and said that we have to go game by game. We couldn't think about Wednesday if we didn't win on Sunday and that's how it was. Now we have to go step by step so that everything will be fine”, he concluded.

Victory of Alianza Lima

Alianza Lima kept the ball for a large part of the match, precisely with the leading role of Pablo Lavandeira, who enabled Yordi Vílchez, from the right, and he took a center, which Hernán Barcos lowered his head. The Uruguayan midfielder was always attentive to the play and appeared, surprisingly, to overcome the resistance of Carlos Cáceda (1-0).

Little later, before six minutes, Melgar made a serious error at the start and the ball remained in the possession of 'Pirata': he faced the area, hooked Leonel Galeano and defined with quality in the heads-up. The blue and white fans exploded with joy, since the victory seems on track.