Alex Prats wins the national tournament at Sebelén Bowling Center

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  • Alex Prats wins the national tournament at Sebelén Bowling Center

    Raffy Sebelén together with Alex Prats, Roberto Morín and Leonardo Ardente.

The outstanding athlete Alex Prats was crowned champion in the Elite category, in the national bowling tournament,  dedicated to Manuel Tuto Fernández, held at the Sebelén Bowling Center facilities, with more than 120 players. 

The fair was held during the weekend, in the end he took carried out the award ceremony, which was led by The immortal of Sports Rolando Sebelén, Raffy Sebelén and directors of the Dominican Bowling Federation, with a great attendance. 

Prats, managed to the gold medal and the national championship in the Elite category, by knocking down a total of 2,670 pins for an average of 222 in the 12 games played in the national tournament, the silver medal, Roberto Morín with 2,668 and the bronze for Leonardo Ardente with a total of 2,580 derived pins, 

In the category A Lizbeth Palacios was proclaimed the winner. national champion, followed by Lian Pérez and third for Avril Mejía, in the men's category the champion of the category was Romeo González who accumulated the average of 186 by knocking down a total of 2,229 pins in the 12 games played, Christian Cartagena, silver medal and Manuel Guareño, the  of bronze. 

In the category  B female Pily Báez, won gold,  Laura Sánchez, the money and Virginia García managed to win. the bronze, in the men's branch, the winner was Bryan Ricardo with an average of 176 followed by Franklin Santana and Willy Sierra. 

In the female category C, the winner of the entire event was Flavia Roca, with 1,686 pins knocked down, María de los Santos in second place and Leonela Pichardo third, in the male German Medina was national champion averaging 164 pins in the 12 games played, followed by Juan Luis Castillo and the third Aneudy González. 

In the D, Paul Mercedes managed to win. the gold, Alfredo Santana the silver and José; Corales the bronze, in rookies the champion was José; Manuel González, followed by Jesús González and Willy Aquino. 


Paula Morin, won. the gold and champion in youth sub 16, Layla Dhawara the silver and Crystal Rivas, the bronze, in male Manuel Ortega obtained the gold medal, Alan Núñez the silver and Daniel Artiga, the bronze, in youth sub 21 the young María Laura  Mejía was the winner, followed by Avril Mejía and  the  bronze for Alicia Soto. In men's Roberto Morín, gold medal, Gabriel Ureña, silver and Martin Arbaje, bronze, 

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