Alex Hedgehogs: There are people who are committed to belief in conspiracy theories

A famous Russian business trainer and head of the science club “Scientists against pseudo-science” Aleksey ezhikov suggested that the reason why some people are so fond of different kinds of conspiracy theories. According to experts, there are just individuals who are predisposed to believe in such hypotheses.

Алексей Ежиков: Есть люди, которые расположены к вере в теорию заговора

For example, during the research it was earlier established that there is a connection between narcissism, a person’s confidence in themselves and faith in such theories. “On this subject is already a lot of research. For example, a few years ago it was a scientific paper on the subject of the psychological person predisposed to conspiracy theories. The result was a determined correlation between how much a person is confident and willing to believe in a particular conspiracy theory. The same relationship the researchers found between narcissism and predisposition to different kinds of hypotheses”, – he said.

Aleksey ezhikov also reminded that there are people who are simply predisposed to believe in such. Moreover, these people often lack the experience that would tell them what to believe not everything. “It depends on the credibility of the different media, as well as specific psychological state. For example, the age of people who have just started to use the Internet, so they often believe that all that is written online is the truth”, – quotes the words of the expert edition of Nation News.

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