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0B M4 Alex Casademunt, the goodbye of the 'triumph' who never lost his smile - The Times Hub

Alex Casademunt, the goodbye of the 'triumph' who never lost his smile

Alex Casademunt, the goodbye of the 'triumph' who never lost his smile

In 2001 Spain was much more innocent than now. So much so that 20 autumns ago he fell madly in love with a group of 16 kids – also innocent, it is true – recently landed in that sociological-television-musical experiment that was Operación Triunfo . La 1's program became the phenomenon of the year, almost of the decade, and although there were more editions, nothing would ever be like that first one, where Rosa López became the real and moral winner of a country full of hope. Turning the triumphs into idols was not a good idea, and over the years they themselves told that they needed professional help to overcome that avalanche of fame, which only rarely brought them those professional careers they had dreamed of. Today the dream has been completely broken with the final misfortune: the death of Álex Casademunt.

Among the 16 profiles intelligently chosen for that first OT was that of Casademunt. Coming from Vilasar de Mar, Barcelona, he fit in with a classic standard: good voice, good bearing, good humor. Tall, blond and blue-eyed, he conquered a good part of the public at first sight, also with a sympathy as natural as himself. They already told him in the casting : "You are a bit too much, a bit of a joke." "Nooo, what's up, I really like to extrovert ( sic ) in front of people, but nothing to spare," he replied, serious but always with that joking gesture that characterized him until the end. He entered the Academy; When they told him, he celebrated in front of his teammates by throwing himself on the floor to do half a dozen push-ups.

Casademunt was 20 years old and in the program he fulfilled his funny, party-riding, sympathetic-type profile. He quickly stuck with David Bustamante, with whom he made a pineapple and sang one of the most iconic songs of the program, Two men and a destination , a classic of all karaokes. The Cantabrian lamented his death on Instagram with a sad message : “It's not fair! I can not because? Someone tell me it's a lie! We were meeting, we had plans! Touched and sunk … I love you brother ”. Bustamante had recorded a new version of the song a few weeks ago without counting on Casademunt, something that he had slightly reproached him for ("I knew absolutely nothing … It's a great song and I'm glad it sounds again, but a message wouldn't have hurt either. Hahaha, many successes, ”he wrote), but their friendship remained firm.

Casademunt endured eight galas before being expelled and was in the middle of the program table. He came out with learning and background, but also with a couple of problems. In that casting in which they took out the colors but he was also one of the lucky ones chosen, they also let him fall that he came only for the flirtation, not to win. "No, no, I just said that I came to learn." He also stressed that he could get along "with everyone", but highlighted "that boy called Yian … Naim, Naim. And of all the enchanted girls in life ”. Later he would maintain great friendships with Natalia (who now declares "in shock" and "broken with pain"), Mireia (" We will always be united by something very big ") or Chenoa, whom he called "my crab", and who He said goodbye to him with a message saying “Go easy, my crab. I love you very much … You will always be by our side, because my music is your voice forever. ”

She had relationships with two of her fellow Academy members. The first, before starting the contest, with Geno Machado. "We got involved before entering the academy to work," Machado herself said a couple of years ago in an interview. The Canary Islands have posted a series of photos on their networks such as saying goodbye to his partner and a long text . “You will always be with me in my mind and in my heart in everything that you and I live together. I love you, my brother, you will always be there because you are music, you were passion, you were my crazy person who gave me life and who sometimes took it away from me ”, wrote the Canary, to continue:“ Last night they took another piece of my life from me and Of my soul. It is hard for me to write, I would say so many things, I would tell so many anecdotes, I could write a book with millions of stories but I never thought to write that would leave us forever that would no longer be among us and make it broken with pain. I love you Alex, always with me. ”

The second relationship was with Verónica Romero, who was sixth in the contest. They told it in October 2016 on television, when they coincided on a set with her as a guest and he as a collaborator. “If anyone entered my heart at some point 15 years ago it was this girl. It was a very beautiful moment in our life ”, Casademunt told the presenter Javier Cárdenas. "We were in hiding," Romero joked. In his death, the singer has dedicated a tender message to him: “How lucky I was to have met you. Nobody like you made me laugh so much. I am left with your softness, your sense of humor and with the thousands of butterflies that I felt whenever I saw you and you looked at me with those big blue eyes. I never thought I would write these words to you and it breaks my heart. Now you are a rambunctious angel making other angels laugh. I love you with all my love. Prepare yourself, universe, there is a being of wonderful light going. ”

Beyond the program, he also maintained some well-known relationships, such as the one he lived with, also the singer, Merche. It was shortly after leaving the academy, and they even got a tattoo together that she would confess, years later, that she knew it would end up erasing as it was done. She has dedicated some emotional words to him after his death: "My soul is broken into a million pieces … You will always be in my heart, Alex of my life, your will to live, your talent, your follies, your heart beautiful … Many years together and we never stopped being … I feel with all my soul your loss ”. After Merche, he had some media relationship but with a lower profile, such as the one he had with the model Noelia López.

Professionally, television became one of Casademunt's outlets in the last years of his life. When he left the academy, together with Mireia, Geno and Javián he set up a group called Open Formula with which they had some popular successes, but he wanted more. He decided to start his solo career, even writing songs with his brother Joan. His first song was Playing my whole life , and it was the only one that caught on with the public. Later, he focused more on participating in children's or entertainment programs, from Los Lunnis to Mira who dances or Crónicas Marcianas , and even on presenter tasks in El program de Ana Rosa or El Chat of subsequent editions of OT.

A Casademunt also He called it the world of interpretation and it appeared, always episodically, in series such as Arrayán (Canal Sur) or Vive Cantando (Antena 3). He was passionate about the theater in more than one facet, and in addition to being an interpreter in plays like Mamma Mia or The Other Side of the Bed, he also tried his luck as a playwright. He prepared some short plays or micro-plays that he premiered in Barcelona, where he was based, such as Dreams , written by him and performed on several occasions with Ares Teixido as the protagonist.

In recent years, Casademunt was better known for his controversies than for his works. Four years ago he had an incident in a nightclub in Vigo for which a young man broke a glass in his face and had to receive 20 points.

But his great love these days was his daughter Bruna, three years old , born of a relationship with a woman about whom little is known, beyond her name, Laia, and that they broke up when she was four years pregnant. months. Their Instagram profile is full of photos of the two of them together, playing, laughing, at school or comparing their similarities. The last one, from September, is from the little girl alone, and in the caption you can read: “My piece of life!”

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