Aleska Genesis reappeared after controversy over alleged 'witchcraft' to Nicky Jam

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The Venezuelan model surprised with a publication in which she appears on video with a santera whom she asks to do a job to get back with the renowned reggaeton player, what has made it a target of criticism

Aleska Génesis reappeared after controversy over-alleged &lsquo

Genesis Aleska ruled on the accusations against her for resorting to witchcraft to romantically retain Nicky Jam. Taken from Instagram @eonlinelatino

The name of Genesis Aleska has been a trend in recent hours due to a video circulating on social networks in which she is seen resorting to acts of witchcraft and santeria, to achieve their goal. Which? Achieving sentimental retention of the urban music singer, Nicky Jam, so that he doesn't think of other women, that he feels despair when he thinks of the Venezuelan woman and their relationship returns to the same one they had some time ago.< /p>

That Nick Rivera Caminero only has eyes, smell, mouth and member only get up with her, that he has no peace, that he has no tranquility, that he cannot eat, that she cannot sleep… Her heart and thoughts belong to Génesis Aleska Castellanos”, are some of the prayers that the presumed santera, who would be helping the Venezuelan model to fulfill her mission.

It also circulates on social networks that there are audios in which the Venezuelan woman asks the alleged witch to help her recover the artist's love and to behave with her as at the beginning of their relationship: “Help me please, to get Nicky back to help me have protection, stability and be the same person who fell in love with me in the beginning”. Due to this fact, the Venezuelan has been the target of criticism on social networks, which caused Internet users to react unfavorably.

Now, with the evidence of Internet users who reacted quite concerned about this type of act in which some people still seem to believe to find the loved one, the model spoke out with a forceful message in which she argues that everyone is free to believe in what you want to be able to fulfill your mission, in what refers to love, work, home, among other goals of human beings.

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“Everyone is free to believe what they want to believe. We all make mistakes that's what life is about. We all make mistakes and that is what life is about, learning from them and all this only teaches me one thing, that God is the only one who will always be in me and who has the answer to all my problems… He is the only one in whom we must trust and believe, and obviously I had to go through many processes to be able to reach this conclusion and today I cling to him more than ever, “Wrote Genesis Aleska in one of her social media posts.

< p class="paragraph">The reactions did not take long to appear, since the gossip portal Rechismes was in charge of replicating the content in which Hundreds of Internet users left their opinions about what is happening with the Venezuelan model and the reggaeton singer.

Some of those comments that attract the most attention are: “my love, you can't be on both sides. Either with God or with the devil”; “now he asks God when witchcraft did not give him”; “when they discover people in their shit and they discover them, they put God first”; “they say that he who prays and sins, ties”; “How scary is a woman like that, you end up drooling in the street without shoes”, among others.

Below, Genesis Aleska's statement about what happened:

Aleska Génesis reappeared after controversy over alleged ‘witchcraft’ with Nicky Jam

The Venezuelan model, Génesis Aleska, is accused of doing witchcraft to Nicky Jam to prevent him from getting away from her. Taken from Instagram @rechismes