Alert about the arrival of Salvadoran gangs in Chile

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A police chief called for a special session before parliament to release classified information about the presence of MS-13

Alert about the arrival from Salvadoran gangs to Chile


Cristián Torresfrom Santiago, Chile

Warning about the arrival of Salvadoran gangs in Chile

Image of captured gang members in El Salvador

In the middle of a session of Congress in Chile, The police were asked if there is a presence in Chile of criminal organizations from El Salvador and a special session was requested to publicize the information in a highly confidential manner.

The theory used in the previous conversation accounts for the transformation of Chile into a country “attended” by international gangs. This has been reported, including from formal sources of the Chilean government and the police. Criminal organizations such as the Sinaloa Cartel, Jalisco, New Generation of Mexico, the Gulf of Colombia cartel and the Venezuelan gang the Tren de Aragua were informed at the time. And now, because of a senator's question to the police, an alert was generated about the presence of the Salvadoran gangs.

According to the media < i>EMOL, it all started in the middle of the discussion about the serious security problem that Chile is going through. With a notable increase in violent crimes attributable to organized crime. In this context, Senator Jaime Araya asked the Deputy Director of Intelligence, Organized Crime and Immigration Security of the Chilean Investigative Police (PDI), Prefect Luis Silva Barrera, if he could confirm the information about the arrival of the Salvadoran gangs in Chile.

The question took a few minutes to be answered. The police authority finally stated: “To be faithful to that answer, I would ask you to do it in a reserved sessionPlease,” he said.

The so-called Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS13, is one of the criminal organizations best known in Central America, operates in Honduras and Guatemala. Its data originates in the eighties in the refugee neighborhoods of Los Angeles, United States.

Its members are recognized for using tattoos on their bodies that symbolize life stories, the time they have been under pressure because of their crimes. Its main activities are extortion, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, kidnapping, robbery and contract killings, among others.

The president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, it was proposed as the main banner of struggle to confront the Salvadoran gangs and that is how, in March of last year, after registering the murder of 87 people, installed an emergency regime in the countrywhere constitutional rights such as free association and assembly were suspended, which in turn allowed the deployment of police and military force.

The offensive in prisons has also left people dead. Reason that has led to his government being denounced by the international community in terms of human rights. “I do not care what they say. Let them come here and protect our people. They can take the gang members if they want, we give them all,” says Bukele.

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Due to the above and the repression of the government of El Salvador against the criminal organization, according to experts in Chile in which its leaders look for new destinations and Chile appears as a very good opportunity.

The arrival of the gang in Chilean territory is due to several factors. One of them precisely the pressure exerted in El Salvador and another cause, the migratory crisis in several Latin American countries and which has Chile as a frequent destination.

This is recognized by the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, responsible for internal security, who referred to the migratory drama. “The 7 million Venezuelans who have forcibly left their country are on the border of different Latin American countries and, therefore, for transnational organizations, one of the most profitable businesses they have in addition to drug trafficking is the illicit trafficking of migrants and human trafficking”, he said.

The authority also adds: “that there are criminal organizations from other countries engaged in the illicit trafficking of migrants to illegally enter foreign citizens into Chile has brought these organizations closer to the country”, he concluded.

In conversation with the same outlet that published the information on the presence of the Maras in Chile, Emol, AthenaLab researcher Pilar Lizana analyzed how it might be possible to combat organized crime. “The challenge is how to fight the organization itself. We can get people out, but depending on the role that the group plays in the organization, they can be rearmed more or less quickly.” Another important factor that these organizations attack is corruption. “These groups are going to grow depending on how much they can corrupt the State, and the more they arrive in the country, there is a story about the opportunities we are offering them and the weaknesses that exist as a State. Clearly, there is an associated danger of advancing levels of corruption, “she said.

The presence of the Maras in Chile is, up to now, an alert. However, there are precedents that have not yet been revealed, and according to which, in the opinion of the authorities, the presence of criminal gangs of these characteristics in Chile is a fact.

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