Alena Vinnitskaya told who she communicates with from “VIA Gra” and when she will return to show business

Alena Vinnitskaya told who she communicates with from “VIA Gra” and when she will return to show business

Alena also told which of the songs of “VIA Gra” is her favorite

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Alena Vinnitskaya told who she communicates with from

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Alena Vinnitskaya, a Ukrainian singer and host of the Zirkoviy Shlyakh program on the Ukraine TV channel, told who she communicates with from VIA Gra, whether she plans to return to show business and how she manages to stay slim.

Are you often asked about “VIA Gra”?

It took a long time, and at first I was very annoyed that someone was still interested in my participation in a well-known group. And now I even like it when it comes to “VIA Gra”. So, I really left some kind of mark, if you still remember and ask. By the way, this year marks exactly 20 years since the release of the first clip “Attempt # 5”.

With whom of the participants of “VIA Gra” do you still communicate?

I treat Nadia Meikher very well and with great trepidation. And wherever we intersect, I am always glad to see her. Not too long ago we even had a crazy duet! We sang together after 20 years. And our performance was a great success.

Alena Vinnitskaya told who she communicates with from

Alena Vinnitskaya

What are your favorite “VIA Gra” songs?

Our first album is still my favorite one. By the way, not everyone likes it, apart from the song “Attempt # 5” and a few other songs that have become super hits. Many believe that the first album was some kind of rocking of the group. I like him because it all started with him. So much soul and desire were put into its creation to make something beautiful that even now, when I listen to it, those emotions respond.

Can you name three things that make a person happy and motivate him to move forward?

The question is really deep and philosophical. And the right amount was chosen: exactly three things. I firmly believe that a person consists of three components – our body, soul and spirit. If we make attunement between them, we will be happy.

What do you think a person needs to feel good?

Health, of course. Without it, you can hardly be completely happy. Although there are amazing people who, being in a very serious condition, look much happier than healthy ones. But there are only a few of those who could not fall into despair.

And what about the soul?

She must also be healthy, that is, clean. The less anger and worries, the better. It is important that there is more openness, childishness, curiosity, attentiveness and empathy. It is not for nothing that they say about someone: “A sincere person.” And there are people who accumulate negativity and internal pollution occurs. They suffer and cannot be happy.

Alena Vinnitskaya told who she communicates with from

Alena Vinnitskaya

And the third component is our spirit.

Everything is strung on it. Spirit is our ability to communicate or understand the Higher Power, the awareness that we are not alone. We came to this world to receive all the benefits, to be healthy and successful. If we remind ourselves of this more often, then we will have a tremendous incentive to move forward. This is my subjective understanding. And in this case we are not talking about religion.

And if we still talk about the body. You are in great shape now. How to stay so slim?

This question always worries many women. It seems to me that now we need to think about some more serious and deep things. For example, how to keep calm, not to panic, how to support family, relatives and friends. And about slimness, believe me, you will always have time to lose weight. If now you want to eat something tasty, allow yourself it.

Mental and mental balance is much more important than two or three extra pounds. For example, I eat sandwiches at night, I do not refuse sweets. It is clear that I may have a slightly different metabolism, so I do not gain weight as quickly as others. But even with such good genetics, I think more about my inner state and I know for sure that the time will come when I go on a diet and quickly put myself in order.

Now many people post their workouts on Instagram. What do you think of it?

You know, somehow this is not very close to me. That is, the format itself is to shoot how you are doing, then upload the video. Moreover, I do not consider myself in this case a guru. It would be wrong for me to do something unprofessional and encourage you to repeat the exercises after me. Better to advise a master who is worth seeing and learning something from him.

Alena Vinnitskaya told who she communicates with from

Alena Vinnitskaya

Are you planning your massive return to show business?

I do not know what to say. Probably, I'm planning. Because just before the quarantine began, we were finishing a new song and had to record it. And suddenly such a collapse happened. But the songs are being written, and I am sure that we will meet again at concerts. No matter how many times I tried to leave show business, all the roads for some reason still led back. Hence, fate.

What would you like to wish the audience and subscribers of “Zirkovoi Shlyakh”?

I thank everyone who is not indifferent to our program and to me personally. I wish everyone not to be afraid of anything and to be healthy. Courageously, cheerfully and most importantly – go through a difficult period on the positive. It is safe to return to normalcy, although many say the world will change dramatically. But I hope that it is still not bad, but for the better.

The most important thing is that you do not become desperate or panic. We observe all precautions and work on ourselves internally. Wise people say that if we are internally a lump, then no bacillus will take us. Basically, she clings to those who have lost faith, are afraid and put an end to something. The more optimistic we are, the more we are protected by our belief that we can overcome anything. So once again, thank you so much. Be healthy!

The new season of Zirkovoi Shlyakh is on August 3 on the Ukraina TV channel.

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