Alec Baldwin faces criticism for sexualizing his 6-year-old son

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Alec Baldwin faced criticism for sexualizing his 6-year-old son

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Alec Baldwin ran into criticism for an inappropriate comment on a picture with his wife and son. So, many noticed sexual overtones in the words of the actors.

We are talking about a picture on Baldwin's Instagram &ndash ; it shows 6-year-old Leonardo holding his 39-year-old mother Hillary by the shoulders, according to – Alec briefly described the picture.

After this, the actor was criticized for the sexualization of children, and these words were called disgusting.

"US – this is a country that feeds on hate", – Baldwin said in response to one of the users on Instagram.

BAGNET reminds that Baldwin and Hillary already have 8 children. In addition to the Instagram scandal, the actor has more serious problems.

Alec was charged with manslaughter on the set of Rust. We are talking about the Ukrainian cameraman Galina Gatchins, whom Baldwin shot with a revolver. As it turned out, during the rehearsal of the scene, live ammunition was loaded .

As for the charges, now the actor faces up to 18 months in prison and a fine of $ 5 thousand. Also, the prison threatens the gunsmith of the film “Rust”, who may be called guilty. It was she who was responsible for weapon-related props.

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