Alcoholic beverages will only be allowed up to three hours before the start of the games.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages during the World Cup Qatar 2022 will not be allowed, but the presence of a well-known brand of American beer in the portfolio of sponsors of the competition makes prohibiting its commercialization conspire against the business.

The last thing that was announced is that it will not be possible to drink beer inside soccer stadiums during matches.

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Fans with tickets will be able to buy alcoholic beer three hours before kick-off and one hour after the final whistle, but not during the match, a source told CNN.

FIFA has not confirmed this information, but a FIFA spokesman said the idea is to “serve those who want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage while respecting the local culture.”

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Sale of beer to those without tickets

In addition, it is known that those who do not have tickets and go to the Fan Fests reserved for fans will also be able to purchase their alcoholic beverages there. In the bars and licensed hotels (they pay an annual fee to the government to be able to sell wines, beers and white drinks) consumption will be allowed 24 hours a day.

Access to alcohol in Qatar is not easy. A glass of beer cost about 8 dollars (approximately 35 thousand pesos) during the last Club World Cup. And prices will remain the same or could even rise during the World Cup.

Fans who are used to buying alcoholic beverages in supermarkets could be in for a surprise. Beyond a legend in Arabic, the packaging of some bottles that look like beers have a message in English: “Alcohol free”. Those who buy them expecting the effect of alcohol are warned that on some occasions they could be paying for a placebo.

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