Alan Badoev: The people I worked with turned out to be spineless, frightened and deceitful

Alan Badoev: The people I worked with turned out to be spineless, frightened and deceitful

Alan Badoev: The people I worked with turned out to be spineless, frightened and deceitful< /p> The director explained why he would never work with Russians again

Director Alan Badoev, in an interview with the German edition of KALTBLUT Magazine, spoke about why he would no longer work with the Russians. “For two decades, my works have occupied the top lines of the charts of the CIS countries and Russia, in particular. Sometimes the first ten clips consisted entirely of my work. So it was, and it was part of my life … But the war left me no choice. Moreover, people, Russians, all those artists with whom I worked, all of them left me no choice … I experienced first shock, fear, and then deep disappointment. Indeed, in essence, the people for whom I created turned out to be spineless, frightened, and sometimes deceitful. When bombs fly into your country, when your friends die, you cannot stand aside. You must be on the side of the truth! The chapter of work with Russian artists is completed, they are not worth my work and the love without which I cannot create. Today I have more global goals and objectives,” said Badoev.

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Earlier, Alan Badoev told why the Russians cannot calm down because of the departure of Max Barsky from the Russian market: “It so happened that Maxim was very loved in Russia. He is not like their stars: closed in life, not a star, not a party guy who gave the sincere power of love at his thousands of concerts. For seven years, his hits permeated the radio, and everyone knew his songs by heart. For them, he was theirs.

The damage done by Max with his appeals to Russian propaganda is very deep. No one, not even me, expected this… His words are peremptory, and he is also free in his decisions, which the Russians will never understand. They are kept by money, career, fame … Maxim never valued this, music and freedom have always been important to him! The Russian media literally do not know how to get at him and level his act.”

Alan Badoev admitted that at one time the team had to make great efforts so that Barsky could go on stage again. Max said that he could not and did not want to sing, did not feel the scene and did not see the point in it: “This situation is still ongoing. Maxim still does not feel the stage, but still gives concerts, as he sees the result. People release themselves emotionally at least for this hour, while their favorite music is playing. Now his main task is to ensure the supply of our military. I think that's the main reason he goes on stage. To imagine the situation in which my friend found himself, you need to understand that Max Barskikh is a whole machine, the plans of which were scheduled two years in advance. Tours, concerts, several new albums, expensive clips filmed, a complete change in sound, for which we have been preparing for a year … Today it is all over. We are looking for new ground under our feet and new goals. Maxim is very grateful to his country for acceptance, for the connection that turned out to be stronger than profit, stronger than titles and rumors. At the main time, he made his choice, and it could not be otherwise. Maxim is like water, he will find himself and give many more songs to his people.”