Alan Badoev admitted that he no longer wants to shoot videos: “I don’t understand why do this”

Alan Badoev admitted that he no longer wants to shoot videos: “I don’t understand why do this”

Ukrainian director in a frank interview with Masha Efrosinina “Exam. New Reality”, which opens an updated column of dialogues during the war in Ukraine, sums up its own results of the last four months of life in Ukraine, amazes with unpredictable confessions and fundamental changes in personal and professional plans, and answers painful topics, in particular, one’s own attitude towards the question of language, life “on pause” and in many ways seek meaning every day.

Alan Badoev admitted that he no longer wants to make videos: “I don't understand why do this”

Alan Badoev

  • I can't bring myself to go down for cover. Because I try to fill every day with life. I'm trying to figure out how to build it for me and my friends during the war. The idea that a person has some kind of destiny has long appeared in my head. I have a friend who was not in Kyiv throughout the war, saw that it became easier in the capital, came and fell under the bombing on Artyom. He ran away from one bomb, but the second caught up with him. You can't run away from fate.


  • I don't check the news. They caused me a lot of internal pain. And now I check people on the street. I go out in the morning from 6 to 8 and walk a very large mileage. So I wake up and meet the people of Kiev. And when I first returned to Kyiv, after 10 minutes I could only meet one Kyivian and the military. And if earlier people came up to be photographed, now women hug and men shake hands. And for me, each such meeting of a person with a smile is the beginning of my day.


  • I do not watch the news, but the president's address in the evening. I'm listening to a friend, that's how I feel about the man who is our president right now. I trust him. The only one. And that's enough for me.


  • Before the war, I didn't think anyone would want to take away my freedom. Moreover, to be able to take it away not only from me, but from the whole country. I thought it would never be possible again.


  • I don't think anyone put our life on pause. I have never been more alive than now. Hundreds of people have now gained sobriety and efficiency. Yes, they took away comfort and good goals from us, they took away from us the tenderness of perception of life, which has never been in Russia, because everything is about loot.

Alan Badoev admitted that he no longer wants to make videos: “I don't understand why do this”

Alan Badoev

  • I had to give up my yesterday completely. I-yesterday is not needed by the present. I have to build the personality I need today, be useful, do something for my country.


  • For me, the meaning of the day is to see that life goes on.


  • Throughout the war, I did not have bestial fear, but there was bestial disappointment – disappointment in people, in former friends, in what I have dedicated my life to. I dealt with this for a long time.

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  • I never narrowed myself down to one country moment. I didn't think so. But I never intended to live in Russia in my life. I would never exchange my Kyiv not only for Moscow, but for any other city. Kyiv is my city, I adore it.


  • The war took away my desire to make videos. I don't see myself on the court. I don't even understand why I do it – it doesn't matter. Now I want to spend myself on something that right here and now will help and work for a specific goal. This is the only way we can really help our country.


  • You need to understand that the Ukrainian language is a border. I took this expression very close to my heart. I realized that it is irresponsible if your children do not learn their native language, irresponsible if they do not know Ukrainian literature, irresponsible if you do not know it. Yes, I believe that each of us should learn our language, should explore and discover the whole world of its incredible beauty.

Recall, Ukrainian director Serhiy Sotnichenko (“Children of Victory”) is preparing a documentary about the shelling of Irpin during the war in Ukraine.