Al-Qaeda releases new video of leader al-Zawahiri

September 12, 2021 by archyde

20 years after the devastating attacks of September 11th, the terrorist network Al-Qaeda has published a new video message from its leader Aiman ​​al-Zawahiri. In the film, which was distributed on social media on Saturday, al-Zawahiri calls on his supporters to fight the states in the West and their allies in the Middle East. The video, which is around 60 minutes long, shows the first speech by the al-Qaida chief since there were unconfirmed rumors about his death at the end of last year.

Analysts see evidence in the new recording that al-Zawahiri was alive at least at the beginning of this year. For example, he mentioned an attack on the Russian military in northwest Syria on January 1, tweeted the director of the Site Intelligence Group, which specializes in propaganda by extremists, Rita Katz.

Al-Zawahiri also deals with the withdrawal of the American military from Afghanistan. The United States left the country “broken and defeated” after 20 years of war, he explains. On the other hand, he does not say a word about the advance of the Taliban, which is allied with al-Qaeda, there. The 9/11 attacks are “an injury” such as the United States has never experienced, says al-Zawahiri.

He describes the rapprochement between several Arab states on Israel as “treason”. It is a “crusade” led by America: “And Israel is one of the most important tools of this crusade.” The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco had agreed with Israel in the past year, their diplomatic ones Normalize relationships.

The Egyptian al-Zawahiri is the successor to Osama bin Laden, who was considered to be the head of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 in the United States. Bin Laden was killed by an American special forces unit in Pakistan in 2011. The United States has put a $ 25 million bounty on Al-Zawahiri. Experts always assumed that he was hiding in the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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