Al-Akhbar: Amal Movement’s “non-silent” military maneuver in the south under the title “The Greatest Terror”

September 13, 2021 by archyde
In an unprecedented public manner, hundreds of members of the Amal movement in the Nabatiyeh region, starting from Thursday night – last Friday, carried out a military maneuver under the title “The Greatest Terror.” While the occasion coincided with the approach of the 33rd anniversary of the assassination of the leader Daoud Daoud and his two companions: Mahmoud Fakih and Hassan Sbeity (coincided on September 22), sources close to “Amal” confirmed that the timing is not related to the anniversary. About two thousand members left the movement’s military and security points, most notably the Ansar town camp (Nabatieh district), and armed in their military uniforms, marched in “mechanized” convoys between the towns. According to eyewitnesses, four-wheel drive vehicles were loaded with medium weapons, while the elements were provided with light machine guns. Some groups were distributed at the entrances to a number of towns and their neighborhoods, without interfering with passersby. It is noteworthy that members of the municipal police participated in a number of municipal councils affiliated with Amal. While most of the participants were military, the maneuver witnessed the presence of dozens of closed civilian cars, of one model, in addition to vehicles belonging to the “war ambulance”.

The military parade did not reveal a face unknown to the movement. Its armed organization is still present in its areas of expansion, and it has an integrated structure. Many areas have witnessed an armed emergence of the movement, on more than one occasion. At times, the “Amal” leadership disavowed its gunmen, as in some of the events that followed October 17, 2019, in terms of assaulting demonstrators. But what happened in the past few days has a different context. The “non-silent” maneuver took place publicly, and by decision of the movement’s senior leadership. Some of the leaders of the first row were not aware in advance of the “greater terror” coming from Nabatiyeh.

An informed source pointed out that the movement’s preparation and direction official, in the south, Abu Ahmad Safawi, was the one who organized the maneuver, based on his powers that include security and military in the region, in addition to being the deputy responsible for preparation and direction in Lebanon. The maneuver came after the end of a military course for hundreds of activists, in which Safawi gave a speech before the start of the military parade, in which he stressed the need to “raise the readiness to confront any Israeli aggression, or any possible return of the takfiris.” While the public part of the maneuver continued for more than one night, after midnight, concerned sources did not rule out its continuation in the next two days.

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Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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