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Airmedic calls on Quebec on medical transport

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The government has granted $125 million over five years, but the expenditure has still not been detailed, deplores Airmedic. (Archive photo)


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Airmedic is calling on Quebec to deploy a medical transport service by helicopter, to connect hospitals to each other throughout Quebec. Even if the North Shore is not included in this program, medical transport by helicopter is essential for the region.

In the x27;East of Quebec, four medical centers, including that of Rimouski, could be linked by helicopter to those of Quebec.

In the previous budget, the government allocated $125 million over five years, but the expenditure has still not been detailed, notes Airmedic.

The Coalition Avenir Québec had also promised during the electoral campaign to set up such a public program and then estimated it at $220 million.

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The North Shore would be excluded from this project , given the distances that are too great to travel by helicopter. However, it benefits from an air transport service.

Airmedic's director of public and government relations, Jean-Patrick Laflamme, expressed his interest and ability to offer this service. Our objective is to position Airmedic as the operator of choice for the government. But we are going at the same speed as the government to deploy the project.

Medical transportation is an essential service for isolated communities on the Lower North Shore, for which medical helicopter shuttles already exist.

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This is also the case for outfitters in the region, some of which are very far away, or even islanders.

The Association of Outfitters of the North Shore observes an aging clientele, and a new cohort of younger, more daring people, who go further into the forest, hence the importance of having an efficient service, explains the president, Charles Pinard.

The Helico Secours cooperative is expanding its services throughout Quebec

The Association looks forward to offering an efficient service.

As much as before, we didn't have any technology, we didn't have a phone, we didn't have a phone. had nothing; now we have all the technologies to ensure [the security] of all our customers. There are even two companies that provide medical evacuations by air transport, mentions Charles Pinard.

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