Airbus: – 40% of production and supply

Airbus: - 40% производства и поставок

Airbus is finalizing a plan for the upcoming restructuring, which is expected to include a reduction of thousands of jobs. On Monday General Director of the company confirmed that it suffered significant losses.

“Over the next two years – 2020/21 – we assume that production and supply will be 40% lower than originally planned,” said Guillaume Fori in an interview with German media.

He noted that the volume of production can return to normal in 2025, and the supply volume by the end of 2021.

According to the trade unions industry, it is expected that the largest European aircraft manufacturer will present the largest in its history, the reorganization plan by Wednesday, on the eve of the upcoming with them at this time meetings. The company’s management to comment on this information refused.

In various enterprises around the world Airbus employs about 130 thousand people. The main factories of vigilante are located in France, Germany, Spain and the UK. The laws of some of these countries to involuntary layoffs can be started only after all other schemes based on mutual agreement, will be exhausted.

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