air traffic resumed, a flight from Pakistan landed

September 14, 2021 by archyde

Posted the 09/14/2021 11:17

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air traffic resumed, a flight from Pakistan landed

air traffic resumed, a flight from Pakistan landed

While the Kabul airport had been out of use for a few days, air traffic resumed with the landing of a flight from Pakistan.

Since the return of the Taliban to the head of Afghanistan, and the departure of the Americans, the country’s main airport located in Kabul was a deserted area. With the landing of the flight of the Pakistani company PIA, Monday 13 September 2021, international traffic resumes despite a lower number of occupied seats than the number of empty seats in the aircraft. A few hours after landing on Afghan soil, the plane flew again to Islamabad (Pakistan).

Everything is in working order“, said Jawas Zafar, chief operating officer of the airline PIA. And to continue:”Although we had some difficulty getting the permissions or other things, everything was coordinated very well.“.

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