Air France and Airbus have announced mass job cuts

Air France и Airbus объявили о массовых сокращениях рабочих мест

Until the end of 2022 the Air France Group will cut about 7,500 jobs: about 6,500 right in the heart of the largest French carrier, and another thousand in the incoming one with him holding loukostera Hop!. These are forced measures in connection with the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, said guide and promises to tell about the details of the rescue plan of the company on 3 July at the meeting of the Central economic and social Committee. Then start negotiations with the representatives of trade unions.

“We have the feeling that the more the government helps the business, is he of the loans, the more jobs we lose,” said Philippe Martinez, General Secretary of the General Confederation of labor.

Previously France, shareholder Air France-KLM has pledged to support the airline’s 7 billion euros. 3 billion – will provide the state itself, another 4 billion guaranteed credit assistance from banks.

The state 1.2 billion euros received and TAP Portugal. It was not enough. And today, according to some reports, the leadership of the Portuguese company is considering all possible scenarios of development of events, including the nationalization.

For the week from 15 to 21 June, the European carriers have made almost 78% of flights less than in the same period last year. Experts believe that regain international air service will not until 2023.

Only by 2025 will return to pre-crisis volumes of production of Airbus. Aircraft manufacturing concern has declared intention to reduce 15 thousand jobs, a third of them in France. While its various facilities around the world employ about 130 thousand people. 81 thousand are employed in commercial air transport. Earlier, the President of the company, Guillaume Fori noted that the pandemic coronavirus today, Airbus is struggling for survival.

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