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AimBot V3 smart gun with cameras tracks and shoots targets by itself (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr18,2024

AimBot V3 smart gun with cameras tracks and shoots targets by itself (video)

The AimBot V3 gun is equipped with three cameras, two industrial servos and a microcircuit for tracking objects and shooting.

YouTube channel Excessive Overload posted a video showing off the unusual AimBot V3 air rifle. The device is able to track targets thanks to the system of built-in cameras. Nascaday published details about the gun.

The AimBot V3 smart gun is made of metal, gears cast from epoxy resin, a rotation and tilt system with a chain drive. Three cameras were placed on it: a wide-angle one, which is responsible for detecting targets, and a stereo pair, which zooms in on the image and determines the distance from the target to the shooter using video recording of several hundred frames per second. There is a 15 W IR LED on the front of the weapon.

In addition, the gun is equipped with two industrial servos and a chip for tracking objects and shooting. There is no data on the computing power of the chip, but it is known that the weapon itself is capable of firing up to 40 pneumatic bullets per second thanks to the Polarstar mechanism. All these components are united by a rather bulky case.

AimBot V3 automatically tracks the target with a motion tracking feature that allows you to distinguish between static and moving objects. The rifle can even track a dart fired from a toy gun in flight.

The disadvantage of the device is that it only works on targets with reflective strips. The camera detects a bright reflection and uses it to track the target. If a person is wearing something shiny, the AimBot V3 can react and fire, so be careful with the device.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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