Aída Victoria Merlano gave a tremendous “hairdo” to a lawyer who questioned her freedom

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The content creator recently went through a legal process in which she was given more than 7 years in prison, time that she will be able to spend at home by jail

Aída Victoria Merlano gave a tremendous “hairdo” to a lawyer who questioned her freedom

The influencer was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months in home prison, which will serve in Barranquilla

Last Tuesday, September 13, the sentence handed down by a judge against Aída Victoria Merlano was announced, for the process that she is taking against her for contributing to the escape of his mother, Aída Merlano, from a dental office north of Bogotá. The former congresswoman was serving a 15-year sentence for buying votes in the 2018 elections.

However, days later the woman from Barranquilla reappeared on her social networks to confirm her followers that he would not have to go to prison, until the final ruling is presented: “The judge put in the sentence that until the ruling is executed I will be released”.

In view of the tranquility that the young content creator has been seen sharing the different trips she makes, in addition to the publications she shares on her Instagram account, there have been several Internet users who question her freedom and one of them was the lawyer Juan Diego who told her why she wasn't locked up behind bars.

Quickly, the question that the lawyer launched had a response from the influencer and with a forceful argument he questioned him about his vague knowledge of criminal and procedural law. It should be remembered that Merlano Manzaneda studied about 6 semesters of law, so he has always mentioned that he knows the laws well and how his judgment should take the course.

“< /i>Imagine, 'burning your eyelashes' 5 years for an 'influencer' to 'comb your hair' in your matter… Anyway, that cardboard decorates beautifully! Pa' qué!”, he initially wrote in a short text through his InstaStories.

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But, this response was complemented by another of the arguments that the influencer normally delivers in her < i>InstaStories, with a fairly fluent speech using the description that the lawyer has on his Instagram profile.

“Dear Juan, as you state, the Life is too short for you to be aware of whether or not I am in jail. And second, as a lawyer, you should know that the Prosecutor's Office is the prosecuting entity, therefore, who you should have labeled was the Police or the Inpec, which would be the guarantors that, if the Police did the arrest warrant is effective, wherever I am…”, initially stated Aída Victoria Merlano Manzaneda.

He also took the opportunity to blame the lawyer, who is not clear about the law and left him baseless in his arguments in front of Internet users, since he told him that this is what she knows with just six semesters of law and he, who is quite a professional, does not know the rules.

But imagine, I know that, I have 6 semesters of law , I imagine you, that you have the complete career. Go get your money back, I think you went to the university for a walk”, concluded Aida Victoria Merlano in her response to the attack she received from a lawyer.

Here is Aida Victoria Merlano's forceful response to a lawyer who wanted to take her back to the Prosecutor's Office:

The content creator “combed” her hair. to the jurist, since according to her she does not know the laws

The reactions of the Internet users did not take long to appear, since the publication was replicated by the entertainment portal La Chismosa News in which different opinions rest in favor of the young woman and others who agree with the lawyer that Merlano should respect the laws.