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AI designed a rocket engine that successfully passed the test the first time

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun26,2024

AI designed a rocket engine that successfully passed the test the first time

Scientists have successfully tested the world's first liquid rocket engine designed with zero artificial intelligence. The design process took less than two weeks after the specifications were approved, and the 3D printing of the components took several days. After assembly, the engine started on the first attempt. The development was carried out by the Dubai-based LEAP 71 company. They created a computational model of Noyron with the geometric core of PicoGK, which allows you to design complex physical objects without using traditional programs. During the tests, the 5 kN engine proved its performance by running on kerosene/liquid oxygen vapor.

Engine components were 3D-printed from copper alloy in Germany. To prevent the melting of copper, which was heated up to 3000°C in the combustion chamber, a fuel cooling system through built-in channels was used. This made it possible to maintain the temperature of the body at the level of 250 °C.

Josephine Lissner, director of LEAP 71, noted that their approach significantly reduces the development and production time of rocket engines. Now the process takes only a few weeks, while traditional engineering takes months or even years.

LEAP 71 plans to use the test data to further improve its model. They collaborate with aerospace companies from USA, Europe and Asia to commercialize their developments aimed at lowering the cost and increasing the availability of space technologies.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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