Agustin Galiana (Here it all begins): “It's interesting to show another side of me” (Itw)

Agustin Galiana (Here it all begins): “It's interesting to show another side of me” (Itw)

Agustin Galiana (Here it all begins):

Agustin Galiana (Here everything begins): “It's interesting to show another side of me” (Itw) During our interview with Agustin Galiana to talk about his musical career and season 10 of Clem, we had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about Here everything begins, the spin-off of Tomorrow belongs to us with Clément Remiens. Here's what the actor told PRBK about the story and his character.

Purebreak: You joined the cast of Here it all begins. What did you like about this project?

Agustin Galiana: I was offered this project during confinement. I really liked my character and I find this idea of a gastronomy school, with great chefs and great cooks being trained, to be magnificent.

My character has nothing to do with Adrian de Clem

What can you tell us about the story and your character?

It takes place in a gastronomy school. We train waiters and cooks and there is a great family history. My character is part of this whole cycle around the school. He has nothing to do with Adrian de Clem. It is darker and deeper.

Is playing a dark character something that has always interested you?

Yes, I wanted to play a character a little darker. I find it interesting to be able to show another side of me. Adrian is tender and has a very family side while my character in Here it all begins has had and has a lot of problems.

Is Here Everything Begins a spin off of Tomorrow belongs to us or a series in its own right?

I think it's both, it's a mixture. It's a series that comes from Tomorrow belongs to us, but which will become fully fledged thereafter. There is a real universe and a real story. Here everything begins can live on its own with certain characters from Tomorrow belongs to us .

It's gonna be in 2020, in the fall

Would you like to make an appearance in DNA?

I don't have time, I'm overbooked (laughs). For now, I'm already on Here it all begins , I can't be on a second daily. It is not possible. Anyway, I was called a year ago to make a bonus for Tomorrow belongs to us and I couldn't. I had to play with Maud Becker. Finally, we played together in Coup de foudre in Andalusia . My destiny was more with Maud than with DNA .

There are Clément Remiens, Azize Diabaté and Terence Telle dancing with the stars in the cast, have you created a special bond?

I don't know if we have a special bond, but we are definitely related. For example, Terence and I, we would surely never have met other than in Dancing with the stars . It's nice to meet again on the set. Our common point is Dancing with the Stars , but from now on, we will be linked by Here it all begins .

How was your meeting with the rest of the cast?

It was great. The cast and the technical teams are on top! They are doing a sick job.

Did you have an idea of the broadcast date?

It will be in 2020, in the fall.

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