Agustin Galiana (Clem season 10): “A member of the family will fall ill” (Interview)

Agustin Galiana (Clem season 10): “A member of the family will fall ill” (Interview)

Agustin Galiana (Clem season 10):

Clem season 10: departure of Elodie Fontan, Adrian, change … Agustin Galiana confides It is this Monday, September 14, 2020 that TF1 broadcasts the first two episodes of Clem season 10. A lot of changes await the character of Lucie Lucas , but also his brother Adrian, especially after his break-up with Alyzée (Elodie Fontant). PRBK had the opportunity to interview Agustin Galiana to learn more about this new season, the departure of his playing partner or the evolution of his character.

Purebreak: In season 10 of Clem, we find Adrian after his break with Alyzée. How is he going to get by alone with Pablo?

Agustin Galiana: It's going to be very complicated because he was also laid off. He finds himself out of work with custody of his child. He is very happy to have got it back, but he has to find the money to take care of it, that is the big problem. To get by, he will become a salsa teacher. He is spotted by the teacher when he brings Pablo to a class. And then, during one of his classes, he will receive a somewhat caliente proposal and without realizing and without necessarily having wanted it, he will find himself in the escorting. Maybe he could have found something else, but he's doing this for his son.

Adrian will end up in the escort

Was it a choice that surprised you?

A lot. At first, it shocked me, but afterwards, I told myself that a lot of men and women fall into this situation without knowing why they do it. I also wondered how far Adrian could go in this process.

How did you react to the announcement of Elodie Fontan's departure?

I had a lot of pain because he had been my partner for 4 years. We never had any problems, we had a relationship of trust. We were accomplices and real comrades. I haven't had another partner like her. So that hurt me, but I also understand that we have to do other things. It was 9 years that Elodie played in this series. She's a great girl, a great actress. For me, it was a loss because everything was going so well.

Are you still in contact with her?

Of course. We don't talk to each other every week because we have our life, but yes, we do talk to each other. When she had her child, I congratulated her. We remain friends, friends.

“This year, there will be upheavals”

This season 10 of Clem is more joyful, was it important not to stay too much in the drama?

Last year, viewers had to be shocked. Even we were shocked reading the script. The accident of Clem, the death of Caroline and the separation of Adrian and Alyzée were three strong elements of season 9. This year, there will be upheavals, difficult times, but the family will remain united. We also tackle topical themes such as ecology and the environment. A family member is going to get sick from all of this.

Have you heard from Victoria Abril?

Yes, she is also so taken on her side. We talk to each other two or three times a year. There we texted each other during confinement. She tried to come see me at the theater, but she couldn't. She spends a lot of time in Spain at the moment, she works there a lot.

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