Agronomist told what berries and fruit worth a closer look in may

Agronomist Elizaveta Tikhonova told that almost all the fresh greenery in spring is useful. Still, the expert called berries and fruits, which should look at more closely in may.

Агроном рассказала, к каким ягодам и фруктам стоит присмотреться в мае

Now on the market a lot of vegetation, but not all products are created equal. For example, melons Elizaveta Tikhonova is not recommended to buy in may, because now is not yet the fruit season data. Most likely, farmers use various fertilizers and growth stimulants to grow the product, making it not only less useful, but in some cases even dangerous. Today you should pay attention on the pineapple strawberry. Berry is very good for health. Even the use of antibiotics to increase storage product do not greatly affect the positive properties of pineapple strawberry.

Special attention was paid to the agronomist peaches and apricots. These fruits have to stand on the table in every family because they are rich in various vitamins and minerals. It is not necessary to forget that the world is now a pandemic coronavirus, therefore, it is important to wash fruit. You can even peel fruit before consumption, to minimize possible negative consequences. Also very useful herbs and early cabbage. Observance of the basic recommendations will allow to get the maximum benefit from the products, but also to restore the immune system after winter.

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