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Agreement in principle with teachers: union members in Estrie have their say

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Richard Bergevin is the president of the Estrie Education Union. (Archive photo)


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The Estrie Education Union will decide in the coming days whether or not it will recommend the agreement in principle negotiated with Quebec to its members. Its board of directors meets Wednesday afternoon.

The members of the union will have access to the agreement next Monday and will be able to vote two days later, on January 17, at a general meeting .

Whether we recommend it or not, it is the members who will decide, underlines the president of the Estrie Education Union, Richard Bergevin.

If the agreement is not adopted by the members of the Estrie Education Union, we will have to wait for the result of the national vote. Even if the teachers in Estrie refused it, we are part of a large group. […] It will be all the groups of the Common Front who will decide whether we accept it or not, indicates Richard Bergevin. For the agreement to become a collective agreement, more than 50% of the workers represented by the Common Front will have to accept it.

According to the president of the union, the agreement in principle includes gains on several points, but it still remains to be evaluated whether it will be satisfactory for members.

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Despite everything, he believes that the agreement is “interesting to present” to members.

We would have liked to really change things in the education system. There, we will improve the working conditions of our colleagues. We appreciate it.

A quote from Richard Bergevin, president of the Estrie Education Union

The agreement provides, among other things, for a salary increase of 17.4 % over five years.

Richard Bergevin believes that the agreement could help limit the labor shortage.

We would have liked to go a little further. But there are still some interesting elements. In terms of retirement, among other things, the possibility of gradual retirement over seven years rather than five years. It could allow people to stay another year or two, and we will take everyone who can stay.

He recalls that the Common Front had three major objectives at the level of remuneration, at the level of the task and at the level of the composition of the class.

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