Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Agreement in principle with the elementary teachers

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Ontario has reached an agreement in principle with its English-speaking elementary teachers. (Archive photo)


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The Ontario Minister of x27;Education, Stephen Lecce, announces that the province has reached an agreement in principle with the Federation of English-speaking Elementary Teachers, avoiding the risk of a strike.

Details of the agreement have not been released at this time.

Minister Stephen looks forward to ;to have been able to avoid a strike, which would have disrupted students' learning in class, he said.

This agreement provides stability for children and parents.

A quote from Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education

Ontario Elementary Teachers Union Threatens Strike and to sit down at the negotiating table to sign an agreement ensuring that every child in Ontario can learn without the threat of strike for the next three years, the minister said in a press release.

The English Secondary School Teachers' Federation has agreed with the government to refer the issues in dispute to binding arbitration.

Contract negotiations continue with the Association of Franco-Ontarian Teachers (AEFO) and the Association of Anglophone Catholic Teachers.

More details to come


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