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Agreement in principle: the FAE will announce the decision of its members on February 7

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The nine unions affiliated with the FAE will present the offer and hold voting meetings in the coming days. (Archive photo)


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It is on February 7 that the Autonomous Federation of Education (FAE) will announce whether or not its 66,500 members approve the agreement in principle proposed to them following negotiations with the government of Quebec on their new employment contract.

The nine unions affiliated with the FAE will present the offer of agreement to their respective members during general meetings which will take place will take place in the coming days and weeks.

The proposed agreement in principle at the central table came after 22 days of strike and many weeks of intensive work at the negotiating tables.

The proposal targets 40% of teachers in the school network, according to Quebec.

The double majority rule must be respected for the ;agreement is accepted. According to this principle, a majority of unions and a majority of the 66,500 members of the FAE must vote for its adoption.

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The voting results of members of the different affiliated unions will be revealed at the same time, at the end of the process.

As for the Common Front unions, which brings together the CSN, the CSQ, the APTS and the FTQ, general assemblies will be convened from January 15 to February 19 to debate the agreement in principle. For the agreement to become a collective agreement, more than 50% of the 420,000 workers in the education and health networks will need to accept it.

According to the agreement in principle negotiated with Quebec, a salary increase of 17.4% over five years was negotiated for all workers in all sectors.

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The Common Front carried out strike days for almost two months. (File photo)

A 6% increase is planned for the first year of the agreement, retroactive to April 1, 2023, if the agreement is accepted. According to union leaders, this annual increase is the most substantial over the duration of a collective agreement since 1979.

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