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Agreement principle: regional union members waiting

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Several thousand union members of the Common Front of the region demonstrated in the streets of Trois-Rivières earlier in December.

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The 2000 members of the Syndicat de education of Vieilles-Forges will have to be patient before being able to decide on the agreement in principle concluded Thursday between the Common Front and the Legault government. Details of the proposal will not be presented to them until January.

At the end of the afternoon, Thursday, the president of the Vieilles-Forges Education Union (FSE-CSQ), Stéphan Béland, had not yet been informed of the content of the agreement.

For my part, with two other union representatives, we will be summoned shortly by our general negotiating council of the CSQ so that we can be introduced the details of this proposed agreement, he clarified in an interview with Téléjournal Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec. Subsequently, if all the union organizations concerned also accept in their bodies, we will be able to present all this to our members in January.

Without specifying Whether he was satisfied or not with the conclusion of an agreement, Stéphan Béland still indicated that he was eager to present the document to his members.

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Stéphan Béland is the president of the Syndicat de teaching at Vieilles-Forges (archives).

Of course I won't be able to give details, but it's still a possible settlement that we have on the table, he added. And when we have our general assembly in January, it is our members who will decide whether it is satisfactory or not for them.

The progress of recent days had allowed him to believe in the conclusion of an agreement in principle at the central table before the end of 2023.

LoadingThe Common Front reaches an agreement with Quebec at the central negotiating table

ELSE ON NEWS: The Common Front reaches an agreement with Quebec at the central negotiating table

We were one of the first, with our Federation of Education Unions CSQ, to have a proposed agreement on December 22 and after that, it took off, with several proposed agreements, recalls Stéphan Béland. At that time, we said to ourselves that the negotiations at the central table risked breaking the deadlock and that seems to have broken the deadlock.

The Union of Vieilles-Forges education represents more than 2,000 teachers at the Chemin-du-Roy School Service Center.

D 'after an interview conducted at Téléjournal Mauricie-Centre-du-Québec.

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