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Agnico Eagle ready to begin mining at the Akasaba West mine

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The site of the Akasaba West mining project, in the Val-d'Or region.

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Agnico Eagle is ready to begin mining the Akasaba West open pit mine, located about fifteen kilometers east of Val-d'Or.

Construction of the mine, which is now part of the Goldex mining complex, began a year and a half ago. Ultimately, the Agnico Eagle company plans to extract 115,000 ounces of gold and 21,000 tons of copper.

The general manager of the Goldex complex, Jocelyn Gélinas, emphasizes that the open pit will be small, approximately 25 times smaller than that of the Canadian Malartic mine. He maintains that it is the synergy between Agnico Eagle's existing infrastructures that will allow it to be profitable.

Agnico Eagle's current strategy is to optimize what we call the Abitibi gold belt. All the mines we have in Quebec and Ontario have infrastructure. We had an infrastructure at Goldex which has the capacity to process more tonnes per day, so this small open-pit mine is really part of this approach to maximizing our infrastructure, said Mr. Gélinas, who presented the project during x27;a Val-d'Or Chamber of Commerce dinner on Thursday.

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The general director of the Goldex mining complex in Val-d'Or, Jocelyn Gélinas.

In addition to the facilities at the Goldex mine, Jocelyn Gélinas indicates that those at the La Ronde mine in Preissac will also be used to process the ore extracted in the Akasaba mine.

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The Goldex mine was already using the infrastructure of the La Ronde mine, specifies- he. We do a first processing step at Goldex and we send a concentrate to La Ronde. The same operation will be used for Akasaba, so it will not be different from the beautiful synergy we currently have.

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Agnico Eagle continues its activities on the site Akasaba West, in the Val-d'Or sector.

In total, the operation phase of the project is expected to last between four and five years. Including the restoration phase, Agnico Eagle suggests a lifespan that could extend beyond 2030.

This is a great contribution to the regional economy because we are talking about a hundred jobs that were created during the construction of the project. This is an operation that will last several more years. After the extraction phase, we will transport the ore until around 2030 to Goldex, mentioned Jocelyn Gélinas.

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Agnico Eagle's Akasaba West project will be carried out about fifteen kilometers east of Val-d'Or.

The general manager of the complex mining company Goldex maintains that the company then plans to return the site to a natural state. will be put back in the pit. We set aside the overburden, or the earth, and we are going to put everything back on top to really restore and bring it back to a natural state, assured Mr. Gélinas.

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