After words from the model's current partner, the controversy arose. 

James Rodríguez spends his vacation days defining his sporting future. His club, Al Rayyan, already He started training, but he did not show up, which opens windows for speculation about his professional destiny.

Meanwhile, the player is in the news for his private life, more specifically for what was his relationship with him with Daniela Ospina in the past.

A statement by Daniela's current partner, the Venezuelan actor and singer Gabriel Coronel, sparked controversy.

In a video in which Daniela interacted with her followers, they asked her how long she had been with her boyfriend, to which she remained silent, while Daniel stated: ” 7 years”. She said it amid laughs from Daniela, but the phrase unleashed a gale on social networks.

And it is that for the followers of James, the accounts do not add up, because 7 years ago Daniela was in a relationship with the footballer.

The couple's relationship ended between 2016 and 2017, when James was a Real Madrid player. Later, Daniela had a relationship with the audiovisual director Harold Jiménez, until Coronel came to her life.

Was it a joke in bad taste of Colonel? That's what James fans are now wondering.