After the defeat in the PASO, José Pablo Feinmann complimented Mauricio Macri and criticized the Frente de Todos

September 15, 2021 by archyde

The philosopher Jose Pablo Feinmann surprised locals and strangers by praising the former president Mauricio Macri for the comeback of votes he had in the 2019 presidential elections after the PASO 2021 and criticized the Front of All for the electoral defeat in the primaries. “The voter from the Frente de Todos saw Cristina slip towards the center and that is not the image she always gave,” he said.

The setback suffered by the Peronist coalition in the primaries last Sunday is still shaking its internal structure. In that earthquake, the ruling party tries to recover the agenda with the economic measures that it would announce on Thursday and thus try to promote a subsequent reactivation that deducts points two months from the general ones in November.

Feinmann, recognized for his Peronism and his closeness to the governments of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner, surprised in a radio interview with Second dose by Radio 10 when criticizing the Frente de Todos but above all for flattering Mauricio Macri.

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“There is a great example for this: Macri. When he loses in the first instance, he starts a tremendous campaign where he puts the body. He goes, talks everywhere and thus won more than a million and a half votes, “said the columnist of Page 12 on the recovery of Cambiemos after the presidential STEP where it had fallen decisively in 2019.

The philosopher described the resilience of the then president as “admirable” and acknowledged that he never thought “that Macri, who is called ‘lounge chair tamer’ because he does not like to work or read, he has great pride and ambition to always be on top ”.

Criticisms of Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner

José Pablo Feinmann, author of several books and former host of a renowned philosophy program in Encounter Channel, analyzed the electoral coup that Pan-Peronism received on Sunday and detailed some errors typical of the ruling party that determined the poor performance in 19 territories throughout the country.

“What of Vicentin it was really tragic, shameful. 20, 30, 50 or 100 people took to the streets, the usual crazy people, and they backed off when they thought expropriating, a word that Alberto used and that has an obvious Stalinist communist stink, ”he began by marking against the president, Alberto Fernández.

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He also spoke of “hesitations” and “lukewarmness” on the part of the head of state and stated that “on the other hand, they have not been able to do things as effective as they should have done in curbing inflation, distributing wealth even minimally, that people do not go hungry.

Upon Cristina Fernández de KirchnerFeinmann analyzed that “what the Frente de Todos voter saw lately, which is almost a nightmare, is Cristina’s slide towards the center, towards a social-democratic position, appeasing, meek, weak, and that is not the image that Cristina always gave ”.

He also praised the vice president because “she can reinvent herself at any time” and clarified that she has a “high opinion” of the Peronist leader for her “political talent” and “international experience.”

After the defeat in the PASO, José Pablo Feinmann complimented Mauricio Macri and criticized the Frente de Todos

Controversial analysis of Javier Milei’s votes

About the end he spoke about the number of votes that the libertarian candidate had in the City of Buenos Aires Javier Milei, which was positioned as the third force in Buenos Aires territory behind Juntos por el Cambio and the Frente de Todos.

“When we are surprised because the poor vote for the right, we have to think that poverty is not a guarantee of political clarity, but on the contrary,” argued the intellectual.

In conclusion, he stated that “poverty plunges people into confusion, ignorance, hatred, anger, and they surely voted for Milei because she is very frontal with the Government and they will have liked the nonsense she says.”


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