After the breakup with “The Bachelor” Zalivako Anna Bogdan said a little bit about the screenplay

After the breakup with “The Bachelor” Zalivako Anna Bogdan said a little bit about the screenplay

Rozriv Anni Bogdan and Mikhail Zalіvako called for food at the chanuvalniks in the show «The Bachelor». Fans of romantic reality from the very cob did not believe in the width of the 11th season, and after that, as soon as she voiced about the breakup with the hero, they made a visnovka – a few hundred bets were scripted. The girl veered her opinions on such calls from socialist organizations.

Anna told about the opening of a few days by Mikhail from that. She didn’t go into details, she just said that her decision was residual. «For a long time already I could not know in my strength to tell you… Otherwise, more food would have sipped, if I had broken even more. It's a pity, our pictures are over, but my remaining decision», — wrote todi Bogdan.

After parting with "Bachelor" a little bit about the screenplay

Vaughn made it important that this crock was given їy importantly, and zavzhd memory & # 8217; yatatime & # 171; great history & # 187; Anna didn’t talk about the reasons for the breakup, Mikhailo didn’t leave the fans. Reality chandeliers were convinced that the couple had signed a contract, which had already ended.

«Tse really buv contract? It’s important for me to believe in myself, but I want to feel like I see you», «Hour contract ended and love passed once?»,«Anya, honestly tell me the contract? What is the script?», «What, the contract is over?», — direct Ani.

«I never signed contracts with one person!», — said Bogdan, who himself put a little spot in them.

After parting with "The Bachelor" p> Photo:</p><p>In the spring of 2021 Mikhailo Zalivako turned Anna Bogdan from 29 participants in the show «Bachelor-11». The businessman handed over the heel of the dress and recognized it at the kohanna, but at the same time he felt dry: «Navzaєm». The same peepers became dazed by the reaction of the girl and called out that she didn’t feel like a lad. On the day after the finale of reality, Anna and Mikhailo rented an apartment and began to live together. Zalіvako for the sake of Kohanoj navit moved to Kiev, depriving Kharkiv of his life and business. The Zakohans have risen in price a lot and shared their happiness with social networks.</p><p class=

After parting with «The Bachelor» Zalivako Anna Bogdan said a little bit about the script