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After Squeezie's attack, Jordan Bardella responds to him on Instagram

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun15,2024

After the European elections which took place last weekend and which saw the National Rally brought to the fore. by Jordan Bardella at the head of the votes, President Emmanuel Macron decided to to dissolve the National Assembly. As a result, voters are once again called upon to vote. return to the polls to elect their deputies. While the far right has never been as close to accessing power, several influencers have taken a stand like Mister V or yesterday, Squeezie. The MEP of the RN and the potential future Prime Minister Jordan Bardella has just responded to the latter on Instagram.

After the attack of Squeezie, Jordan Bardella responds to him on Instagram

Influencers campaign against the National Rally

Indeed,  with a score of 31.4% during the European elections, the National Rally arrived at the top of this ballot. A result that provoked the dissolution of the National Assembly decreed by Emmanuel Macron and which implies early legislative elections scheduled for June 30 and July 7.

If we are to believe the polls, the RN is in the lead and faced with the rise of the extreme right, many personalities are speaking out. In particular, influencers like Lena Situations who mobilizes her subscribers on social networks to go to the polling booths or the content creator Mister V who did not hesitate to take a position against the National Rally on Instagram. This Friday, June 14, it was the turn of Squeezie to speak out on his Instagram account by publishing “all the young people” who follow him, namely 8.7 million subscribers, an open letter in which he does the same as his counterpart Mister V.

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A publication shared by @xsqueezie

In his publication, he explains why it is necessary to “firmly oppose an idea “extreme ology” and that the RN vote “has never been a solution, and never will be“. This letter té massively shared on social networks and the main target of this message, Jordan Bardella did not hesitate; à reply to YouTuber.

After Squeezie's attack, Jordan Bardella responds to him on Instagram

Jordan Bardella clash Squeezie

The latter responds to; Squeezie on Instagram and is annoyed that “multi-billionaires responding to the very noble profession of influencer engages 'apolitically' against millions of French people“.

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Bardella published; he also shared an open letter on the social network that you can find on his account and he finishes his response to the influencer Lucas Hauchard, his real name, in an ironic way. He puts forward two hypotheses on Squeezie's agitation:

The first: in 1 vs 1 on Rust poorly digested; à at the time, after taking a bad quickscope? – The second: having been overtaken by Tibo InShape?

Behind these terms, we must recognize the lexicon of video games including Bardella was a big amateur before entering politicsand the second hypothesis is areference to the fact that the fitness influencer has demoted his career. Squeezie 2nd place among the most followed YouTubers in France.

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