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After Peacemaker, John Cena makes this big decision for his career

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul7,2024

Although he has been on our screens since the early 2000s, it is only recently thatJohn Cena has forged himself a serious reputation as an actor. By integrating the DCU in the shoes of Peacemaker, who will soon be back in a season 2, the wrestler has proven himself. that he can play a leading role. After the release of the series, the American actor and sportsman has just made a big announcement, which we reveal to you below.

After Peacemaker, John Cena makes this big decision for his career

John Cena turns a page in his life

À 47 years old, John Cena has a great career behind him, not only in the cinema and in the world. on television, but also in the ring. Wrestler since 1999, he won He won the WWE championship several times. He has 5 United States championship titles and 3 world heavyweight championship titles. In recent years, he has neglected this environment to devote oneself to his second activity. Now a Hollywood superstar, the actor has appeared in the Fast & Furious and DC, in which he plays the roles of Jakob Toretto and Peacemaker respectively. He is also very present in comedy, with films like Very Bad Dads or Crazy Amy. Its popularity with the public makes it a bankable additionto the castings he joins. And without a doubt, he should be even more present on film sets in the years to come. come, sincehe officially announced his retirement from wrestling!

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Saturday at WWE's annual Money in the Bank event in Montreal. At Toronto's ScotiaBank Arena, he wore a napkin reading “The last time is now“, in reference to his entrance song, “The Time Is Now”, unlike the usual inscription, “Never give up“. He also wore a shirt that read “John Cena Farewell” (farewell to John Cena). He then declared: that he would participate in next year's Royal Rumble, at the Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania, which will be his last wrestling events. The audience then chanted “Thank you Cena“, according to the Fox News site.

Voilà which will leave a lot of time to John Cena to appear on our screens!

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