After mobilization and war in Russia there will be a lot of disabled men

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After mobilization and the war, many disabled men will appear in Russia

315 men were called up in the aggressor country thousand mobilized, but there are problems with the provision of troops, said the deputy head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, General Vadym Skibitsky, in an interview with Ukrіnform.

“In Muscovy today, according to our estimates, not 300, and 315 thousand”, – Skibitsky said.

In the event of an additional mobilization of 500 thousand people, the Russians will have even greater problems with their provision, he said.

The enemy has a shortage of weapons for the units he forms. The Russians do not produce as much as they lose, said the representative of the GUR.

"Moscow began to remove equipment and weapons from storage, from arsenals. But it also costs 30 years or more, needs repair, maintenance, and we know this, say, from the 2nd division of the 1st tank army. They were supposed to complete the combat coordination on the first of December, and finished on the first of January. That is, they waited a whole month for the division to be equipped with weapons, which are not currently in production. In case of additional mobilization of 500,000 people, even greater problems will arise with their provision”, – said the general.

The number of units and formations of the territorial troops of the Russian Federation is known to Ukrainian intelligence, Skibitsky said.

“Our General Staff owns such information and takes it into account when planning our actions. We should not frighten our people with these figures of 300,000, 500,000. There are many more factors – armament, morale”, – noted.

The representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate spoke about self-mutilation among the invaders.

“Those who are on the first line do not want to fight, do not want to go on the offensive, many try to cripple themselves or get slightly wounded, so as not to return to the front. Most say that as soon as the contract ends, they will leave the position and go home. However, no one asks them anymore”, – told.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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