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After Mister V, Squeezie takes a stand against the far right

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun14,2024

This week, faced with the results of the European elections which saw the National Rally of Jordan Bardella come in first with 31.4% of the votes, the The multi-faceted influencer Mister V decided to speak on his Instagram account. Criticized regularly criticized for his lack of stance on certain social issues, Squeezie does the same.

After Mister V, Squeezie takes a stand against the far right

open letter from squeezie

It was directly via his Instagram account that Lucas Hauchard, better known as Squeezie on the web, published a long message inviting his subscribers to mobilize against the National Rally. After last weekend's European elections, in which Jordan Bardella and Marine Le Pen's party came out on top, Squeezie is using the reach of his social networks to mobilize for the early legislative elections on June 30 and July 7.

An open letter in which he explains “all the young people who follow him” (out of 8.7 million subscribers), that “firmly opposing an extreme ideology which advocates hatred and discrimination goes to the – beyond any political position“.Vvote for a party that advocates hatred, discrimination, and fear on the other has never been a solution, and never will be” shares Squeezie in this publication already liked more than 840,000 times since its publication 2 hours ago.

“I never wanted you talk about politics and get into the party game, because everyone is master of their convictions and I don't want mine to influence yours”,writes the one who totals 19 million of subscribers on YouTube. left, at right, or in the center, it only concerns you and your ideas”. And to add: “But I think that firmly opposing an extreme ideology that advocates hatred and discrimination goes beyond any political position”.

After Mister V, Squeezie takes a stand against the extreme right

A message massively shared on social networks that goes well beyond the Instagram sphere. On X, Squeezie reached first place in France Trends, with more than 38,000 publications. Many Internet users have supported the videographer, congratulating him for this stance that has earned him its share of hatred.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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