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After Django, this cult western will be entitled to a reboot, fans scandalized

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul9,2024

Remakes Hollywood has always existed, and even if it is not the most common case, western remakes too. We of course think of Quentin Tarantino's incredible rereading of the revenge tale at the heart of Sergio Corbucci's Django, released in 1966. Today, it is another classic of the genre which is preparing to be released. return in a remake, andInternet users are not fond of the idea.

After Django, this cult western will be entitled to a reboot, fans scandalized

this cult western will be entitled to a reboot

We know that Hollywood is lacking inspiration… However, Every time a new reboot is announced, we can't help but be disappointed by the lack of new features offered by the studios.. Even the most cult, the most successful of all films, which does not require any new version, can be selected for release. for a facelift. And no genre escapes it: whether fantasy, as with this cult film from the 80s, or western, as with Django,< /strong> the steamroller of the remake crushes everything. It is precisely in this last category that Euro Gang Entertainment, the company Founded by Hollywood veterans Gianni Nunnari and Simon Horsman, as well as Enzo Sisti of FPC, veteran of Italian production, have chosen their target. This is howthe famousA Fistful of Dollarsby Sergio Leone is getting a reboot, according to Deadline!

After Django, this cult western will be entitled to a reboot, fans scandalized

Jolly Film, the company production at agrave; The origin of the 1964 film, is also involved. As a reminder, this western is the first part of Sergio Leone'sDollar Trilogy, which also includesAnd for a Few Dollars Moreand&nbsp ;The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. It's alreadya remake ofYōjimbōby Akira Kurosawa, released three years earlier.This announcement is not, as you might imagine, unanimously received. among Internet users, who regret this choice.

Let him leave the world alone. this fucking movie!

July 9, 2024

Why ???? And already it's forbidden to remake westerns where there's Clint Eastwood

July 9, 2024

So yes, A Fistful of Dollars is a remake (more or less admitted) of Yojimbo by Kurosawa.
Except that the approach de Leone remains as personal as it is inimitable, highly subversive, and I therefore fear what today's Hollywood will draw from such a legacy…

July 9 , 2024

And you, what do you think?

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