After an informal meeting with the 36 club representatives, the decision was made.

After an informal meeting with the 36 club representatives, the decision was made.

The time of Fernando Jaramillo in the presidency of Dimayor has numbered. This Thursday, and after an informal meeting with the participation of the 36 clubs affiliated with the entity, Jaramillo will step down at the end of November.

Jaramillo will leave a position that has become very unstable in recent years. He had arrived in August 2020 to replace Jorge Enrique Vélez, who, in turn, spent less than two years in the position. Vélez's predecessor, Jorge Fernando Perdomo, also lasted just over two years.

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After an informal meeting with the 36 club representatives, the decision was made.

“If they want a change and believe it is important to do so, it is everyone's will. It is not necessarily the will of the majority. There is a governance issue here, I don't want to be an obstacle,” Jaramillo explained to El VBar Caracol.

“If they think my time is up, I do what I have to do until December, the championship, women's soccer,” she added.

Jaramillo showed the milestones of his administration

At the meeting, Jaramillo presented what he considers were the eight milestones of his management, which began in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.

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“When we started, there was a complex issue, with an unfeasible protocol, but we achieved a contagion rate much lower than the national average. Another milestone, solving legal problems: to talk about just one, that of international TV, we stopped the bleeding and brought a new contrast”, explained Jaramillo.

After an informal meeting with the 36 club representatives, the decision was made.

“We have answered about 60 guardianships and we have only lost one. There were also interesting cases: Real Sincelejo, Cúcuta Deportivo, the investigation against 16 clubs in which we managed to get some guarantees accepted. In addition, we brought more sponsors, more resources”, he pointed out.

Jaramillo says that there were issues that remained pending. “The situation is not easy, the issue of licensing, the issue of financial fair play, I was able to dedicate myself to the urgent but not to the important. Day to day is normalized”, he assured.

What about the Women's League

Jaramillo hopes to resolve the matter of the Women's League. “There is interest from several important sponsors, we have to design that doll so that it has continuity and ensure conditions for the players. The clubs do not have those resources and we have to get them, and work on logistics, we are going to get the resources too, that we can play a worthy Copa Libertadores and there is also a women's world cup,” she said.

Although the outgoing president of Dimayor said that the meeting had been positive and in a good tone, there was an incident that was marked, a strong crossing with the president of Llaneros, Juan Carlos Trujillo.

“I have to admit that I was the one who got out of control, for reasons that are difficult to explain publicly. I apologized, it was the only heated thing in the meeting. I can't say that publicly, but the people who were there know why it was, “he said.

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