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“Being a leader means making difficult decisions,” says the Prime Minister.

After a turbulent political year, Blaine Higgs has no regrets

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The Premier of New Brunswick does not regret the decisions he made during the year, particularly on the revision of policy 713.


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A revision of policy 713 challenged in court, a divided caucus, his leadership questioned… Blaine Higgs himself admits, the year 2023 has been eventful. However, the Prime Minister stands firm and still believes he is the man for the job.

The complete story end of year interview with Blaine Higgs is available here.

One of the most talked about topics in New Brunswick this year is undoubtedly the review of policy 713. In May, the Prime Minister decided to change this policy which allowed children to use the first or pronoun of their choice at school in order to protect transgender and non-binary children.

The new version provides that schools in the province must now obtain permission from parents of students under 16 to use the first or pronoun of their choice.

This decision led to a chain reaction and a vast outcry from the LGBTQ+ community even within its own camp and caucus. She is currently the subject of legal proceedings.

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