After a storm: snow banks and broken tree branches

After a storm: snow banks and broken tree branches

The snow that fell in Quebec in the last 24 hours gave beautiful landscapes on Sunday morning, but also a lot of snow to shovel and broken tree branches.

Snowplows are hard at work in much of the province to clear the roads as the precipitation, which started on Saturday, continued into the night.

In Montreal, tree branches have fallen to the ground in several streets due to heavy snow covering them.

The branches on the ground should not however cause delay in the snow removal operations which began on Sunday morning in the metropolis.

Snow plows are also rushing to pick up the snow as quickly as possible before the weather cools.

“It’s a race against time that starts because there is a cold wave coming. The snow we have received is heavy, it is full of water so what you have to do is hurry so that the snow banks do not turn into blocks of ice ”, explains Philippe Sabourin, spokesperson for the City of Montreal.

The shovel is also in order in the region of Quebec where 15 and 30 cm of snow have fallen since Saturday morning.

The region was also affected by strong winds of up to 90 km / h in some places.

The majority of major roads in the region are cleared of snow, according to the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ), but drivers are still advised to remain cautious.

The roads can still be slippery due to the light precipitation which continues to fall.

Precipitation started overnight in the eastern part of the province.

If precipitation is well received in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, where the lack of snow was felt by winter sports enthusiasts, the situation is more difficult on the North Shore and in the Gaspé.

The roads in these two regions were snow covered on Sunday morning, and the wind reduced visibility.

Between 30 and 50 cm of snow are also expected in places in these sectors.

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