After a fight with Daniel Quintero, Felipe Zuleta Lleras left Twitter: “he hid in the closet again”

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After the mayor of Medellín and the journalist accused each other of liking each other, the latter decided to leave the social network

After a fight with Daniel Quintero, Felipe Zuleta Lleras left Twitter: “he hid again in the closet ;set”

The person who noticed the absence of Zuleta Lleras was the cartoonist Matador.

This Tuesday, November 15, three days after the clash between the journalist Felipe Zuleta Lleras and the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, it was learned that the radio panelist left the social network Twitter without further explanation. Noticing it, the cartoonist Julio César González —better known as Matador— took the opportunity to joke about it.

The Bogotá journalist and the Medellín mayor argued on Saturday the 12th, after the former wrote a reproach about the start of operations of the controversial Hidroituango hydroelectric plant. “Mayor Daniel Quintero claims that Hidroituango will start operating. Yes, despite him,” said Zuleta Lleras.

In response, Quintero sent the message “accept that yours is a swallow”, with which he insinuated that Zuleta would be romantically interested in the mayor of the capital of Antioquia, given the alleged obsession with his decisions.

Zuleta, a declared homosexual, responded thus to Quintero —who is married to a woman and has two daughters—: “I already came out of the closet, Mayor Quintero. And you for when? The president told him “you're going to want it”.

Finally, the journalist from the Blu Radio station closed the discussion with two messages: “There was no more mayor. I don't take anyone out of the closet. Go out alone”, and “Mayor Quintero, won't it be yours with former President Uribe? Get out of that closet.”

Three days after this crossing of trills, it was learned that Zuleta Lleras closed her account on the social network. Matador was one of the first to notice his absence. Then, the Pereiran cartoonist trilled “it seems someone hid in the closet again”, with which he made reference to the heated discussion three days ago.

One ​​swallow does not make a summer< /h2>

Although Zuleta Lleras has closed his account, the blue bird's social network is still a site full of opponents of Quintero and he has felt obliged to confront them. On Sunday the 13th, just one day after the curious discussion between the journalist and the president, the hashtag #ElFracasoDeQuintero became a trend, promoted by the Uribista influencer Jaime Arizabaleta, who published a video criticizing Quintero at 5 in the morning.

Jaime Arizabaleta affirmed that Daniel Quintero is “an accident of politics” and that he is the “fruit of a division that cannot happen again because it had tragic consequences.” He added that he “commands a gang that destroyed Medellín” and that is why he is “the worst mayor in Colombia”.

He used three arguments to base his assertions: first, he said that “ he distributed the administration to political quotas”; second, that he is “a lousy and inept administrator”; and, third, that “his alleged anti-uribismo” is a political marketing excuse that serves to “hide his ineptitude”.

However, Quintero did not remain silent and, also from very early in the morning, he began to respond through his Twitter account. Using the same trend, he wrote:

“Uribismo tried in every way to #ElFracasoDeQuintero because:-We revealed the truth about Hidroituango and made them pay. -We took EPM from the GEA so that they would stop stealing it-We do not kneel to his power or his threats. – We achieved the works that they never did”, said the president.