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After a tough battle: Oleg Sentsov showed a rare photo with his brothers

Oleg Sentsov/Facebook < p>Ukrainian film director, writer and military officer Oleg Sentsov shared a rare photo with his followers on social networks. On it, he is with his comrades after a difficult battle.

Oleg Sentsov often shares with his followers the true picture of the war. After all, he is currently in military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where he holds the position of commander of the assault company of the 47th separate mechanized battalion. : a trailer for the movie “The Word House” was presented in Kyiv

Recently, he published a photo with other military personnel and noted that the photo was taken after completing an extremely difficult combat mission. In the picture, they are all smiling because they are happy that they managed to survive.

There are tasks after which there is nothing to say except: “We survived!” – wrote Oleg .

Sentsov is known for not being afraid to share the true picture of war with people. He publishes photos and videos from the front, talks about his daily life as a soldier and calls on the world not to forget about Ukraine.

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