After 12 hours of queuing: Beckham is moved in front of the coffin of Elizabeth II [VIDEO]

After 12 hours of queuing: Beckham is moved in front of the coffin of Elizabeth II [VIDEO]

The former English footballer was present in the long queue to see the funeral chapel of Queen Elizabeth II in London.

After 12 hours in line: Beckham is moved in front of Elizabeth II's coffin [VIDEO]

Beckham was one of dozens of British and world sports stars who paid tribute Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. (Photo: video capture)

Moved to tears and after 12 hours of waiting, David Beckham said goodbye to queen Elizabeth IIthis Friday in his funeral chapel along with thousands of people who gathered at Westminster Hall, London.

It is very emotional, and the silence and atmosphere in the room is very difficult to explain, but we are all here to thank His Majesty for being so kind, caring and comforting over the years”, said the former footballer of the English team, friend of the royal family.

She was our queen and the legacy she leaves behind is incredible”, he added as he left Westminster Hall, where Queen Elizabeth II's coffin has lain since Wednesday afternoon.

In front of the remains of the queen, whom he described as “special”, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid player bowed his head soberly and wiped away a tear.

Further revealed that he started queuing early in the morning, hoping to avoid the busiest time, but his plan was foiled. “I thought coming at 2am would be a bit calmer, I was wrong,” he told ITV News.

Beckham, who was present at Harry and Meghan's wedding in 2018, joined the line that runs along the banks of the River Thames and gives access to see the queen's coffin According to the British media, he stood in line for about twelve hours.

In a black suit and cap, the former England footballer , Real Madrid and Manchester United, has shared food and drinks with the rest of the people present in line. People, discovering Beckham in the crowd, have taken photos with the 'Spice Boy', interrupting the normal progress of the queue.

Queen Elizabeth II will be honored on Monday at Westminster Abbey with the first state funeral held in the United Kingdom in almost six decades, with the presence of a hundred heads of state and representatives of royal families.