Afghanistan: Taliban fight resistance in Panjshir and already celebrate presumed victory

September 5, 2021 by archyde

After a spokesperson for the resistance of the Afghan province of Panjshir will dialogue last Saturday with TN International and ensure that would continue to face to the Taliban, during this week the new regime intensified his attack against him unique district that has brought them headaches in their advance towards Kabul, the capital of the country.

In this sense, at least 17 people died and another 40 were injured after the group once led by Osama bin Laden will shoot long into the air Friday night to celebrate the supposed victory military in Panjshir, according to reports from various international media outlets.

The data comes from hospital medical sources. However, from the resistance they assure that they continue fighting and that in the last days they killed 600 members of the terrorist organization.

Afghan resistance and anti-Tailban forces on a Soviet-era tank, patrolling the road in the Astana area of ​​Bazarak in Panjshir province.

In dialogue with TN International, Faheem Dashty, spokesman for the Afghanistan National Resistance Front (FRN) said that the objective of their fight is for the rights of afghans and affirmed that for this purpose they are willing to negotiate with the Taliban and any other group.

“The resistance is about the future of our country and our nation, it is about the rights of Afghans, it is about the values ​​that we have been fighting for in recent decades. It is about the formation of a government that should be representative of all Afghanistan, where we all see ourselves represented, where we can be assured the rights of afghans, social justice ”, said Dashty, interviewed by Carolina Amoroso.

The militants of the panjshir valley who today hold the Taliban advance in Afghanistan are led by Ahmad Massoud, 32, son of the Lion of Panjshir, a national hero to Afghans, legendary guerrilla commander who led the resistance to the invasion soviet between 1979 and 1989 and in the 1990s he led the military wing of the Afghan government against rival militias.

Afghanistan: Taliban fight resistance in Panjshir and already celebrate presumed victory

A group of Taliban dressed as Afghan soldiers guard the streets of Kabul. (Photo: EFE)

On the other hand, the Taliban They again postponed the presentation of their government this Saturday, whose composition could give clues about what the coming years will be like in Afghanistan.

Refugee in the Panjshir Valley, the former Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh He affirmed that a “very difficult situation” was taking place, in a video message broadcast on Friday night, in which he assured that the “resistance continued and would continue.”

Afghanistan: Taliban fight resistance in Panjshir and already celebrate presumed victory

Since his return to power, at the end of a blitzkrieg which surprised the Government and the international community, the Taliban have tried to give an image of moderation with various opening gestures.

Thus, they promised a “inclusive” government and in recent weeks they multiplied their contacts with Afghan personalities opposite to them.

However, several countries reiterated on Friday that they would put the new regime on trial for its actions. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, stated that he expects the Taliban to behave in a “Civilized” while China He urged them to “break” definitively with the “terrorist” groups.

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