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Aerospace pushes for Boeing contract

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Built by Boeing, the P-8-A Poseidon is a multi-tasking maritime reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft.

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Canadian aerospace companies oppose the idea that Bombardier winning a contract to replace aging military patrol planes would be the best solution for the sector, saying that an agreement between Ottawa and leader Boeing could prove at least as lucrative.

Bombardier has asked the federal government to allow open competition for the successor to the Royal Canadian Air Force's 14 half-century-old CP-140 Aurora aircraft. /p>

The Montreal business jet manufacturer argued that its surveillance planes, when they begin to come off the lines assembly early in the next decade, will offer a cheaper, higher-tech product that will be manufactured in Canada.

So far, the government has not clarified whether it would opt for a sole-source contract or a call for tenders ;offers open. But its procurement department said Boeing's P-8A Poseidon is the only aircraft currently available that meets all ACMM [Canadian Multi-Mission Aircraft] operational requirements, including anti-submarine warfare. -navy, intelligence gathering and surveillance.

Martin Brassard, CEO of Quebec landing gear manufacturer Héroux-Devtek, highlights Boeing's enormous production capacity, which would generate business for parts suppliers and maintenance and repair companies across Canada. Eighty-one Poseidon suppliers are already established in our country.

I am not criticizing Bombardier's solution, because I am not familiar with it. What I know is that they don't have a solution ready. And it is ready, explained Mr. Brassard, adding that obtaining a contract could open other doors for Canadian companies at Boeing. I think with all the programs the US government is doing, it's thousands of planes.

Mr. Brassard stressed the importance of a rapid and reliable acquisition process, recalling past delays in the selection of military aircraft – for the CF-18 Hornet in the 1970s and, most recently, for the F-35 stealth fighter jet, whose competition process lasted more than seven years before it was chosen in 2022.

I don't want history to repeat itself with the CP-140, with all the political debates Bombardier is currently having. It should not be a political decision, but a decision [of the Ministry of Defense].

A quote from Martin Brassard, CEO of the Quebec train manufacturer x27;Héroux-Devtek landing

Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Quebec Premier François Legault this month echoed Bombardier's calls for an open tender, renewing their demand for summer to put everyone on an equal footing by launching a call for tenders.

The carrier Company spokesman Mark Masluch warned of the unwarranted urgency of finding replacements for planes that don't have a clear retirement date, calling the idea disingenuous.

John Gradek, who teaches aviation management at McGill University, agrees that the Auroras are not going to crash in mid-flight, but he believes that time nevertheless remains an element to take into account.

They will start to be very expensive to maintain, and sometimes even impossible to maintain because the parts are no longer available, he emphasizes, adding that the Poseidons should be delivered as early as 2026, about five years before the Bombardier device.

The question is what form will it have and will it be able to accomplish the missions, added Professor Gradek . Is this the technology we need?

Bombardier said a deal would add $2.8 billion to the country's gross domestic product, citing a PwC report commissioned by the company. The potential multi-billion dollar contract would provide 22,650 direct jobs (nearly 11,000 in Ontario, 6,550 in Quebec and nearly 4,200 in Atlantic Canada) according to the report.

A study commissioned by Boeing and conducted by Doyletech, an Ottawa-based company, found that a contract with Boeing would generate nearly $10 billion in domestic economic activity over a decade and directly support more than 230 businesses

Tracy Medve, CEO of KF Aerospace, which repairs and overhauls planes in British Columbia and Ontario, works on Boeing's Poseidon for decades.

KF and other Canadian companies will benefit, she assured, specifying that the plane could be delivered from 2026.

I personally think it is the right choice for Canada because it is a proven Boeing platform and because the P-8 has seen service in many other areas.

Having Canada's allies use the P-8 Poseidon could make it easier to the Canadian military and domestic suppliers already familiar with the product.

If your plane is down, you want to be able to go to your allies and say, "By the way, do you have this part?", explained Lorenzo Marandola, president of the Quebec company M1 Composites Technology, which specializes in aircraft maintenance.

It's extremely important in terms of maintenance and mission operability.

The other members of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance – the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand – as well as India, Germany, Norway, and South Korea all use the P-8 or plan to do so.

In recent years, Boeing has faced production and quality problems on its commercial planes, particularly the 737 Max, 787 Dreamliner and 777. Questions remain about its ability to manufacture the Poseidons on time.

For his part, Peter Wheatley, vice president of StandardAero, which maintains and repairs jet engines, judges the risk to be incredibly low. Opting for the P-8 would be a very good choice for Canadian industry and companies like mine.

For business founded in Winnipeg in 1937, a 10-year contract would fill its coffers with $600 million, the executive estimates.

The company, which also has facilities in Prince Edward Island and Langley, British Columbia, has previously worked on 111 U.S. Navy Poseidon aircraft as well as 15 Army P-8 aircraft. #x27;Australian air. We would love to have the chance to do those in Canada, too.

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