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Advisor who compared LGBTQ flag to Nazi flag is suspended< /p>Open in full screen mode

Catholic school counselor Natalia Benoit has been suspended until the end of the school year for her controversial comments about the flag of pride. (Archive photo)


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Members of the Catholic School Council English-speaking Niagara, Ontario, ban their colleague Natalia Benoit from their meeting until the end of the school year, because of her controversial comments about the Pride flag.

On the sidelines of a school board meeting last May on a proposal to raise the rainbow flag, Councilor Benoit declared that she did not want any flag.

The Nazi flag, we don't want that either, do we? she declared.

Ms Benoit denied at the time comparing the Pride flag to that of the Nazis. The advisor, who had not taken part in the work of the school board since September, did not speak on Tuesday at the school trustees' meeting which led to her suspension for violating the members' code of conduct. /p>

She has 14 days to appeal the decision.

According to the sanction imposed, she will continue to receive her councilor compensation, but she will not be able to participate in council meetings and will not have access to related documents until June 30.

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I am disappointed to have had to come to this process , but I believe we made the right decision, says Danny Di Lorenzo, president of the school board, in a press release.

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