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Adults and even teenagers: young people are mass switching to push-button phones, the reason is given

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun12,2024

Adults and even teenagers: young people are switching to push-button phones en masse, the reason is named

More and more adults and teenagers are aware of the negative impact of excessive use of smartphones and social networks. They are concerned about how much time they spend on these devices and want to reduce their addiction. As a result, some of them consciously switch to simpler models of phones, known as push-button phones. These devices have limited features such as texting, calling, maps and a few basic tools, but no access to social media and other potentially addictive applications. It's like the early 2000s.

Young people like 16-year-old Luke Martin from Canada admit they were drawn into social media for fear of missing something important. Research shows that social media use activates the same areas of the brain as drug use, causing addiction. In addition, there is evidence of a negative impact on mental health, especially in children.

Parents are also becoming more cautious about their children's excessive use of smartphones. Some are calling for age restrictions, while others, like Lizzie Broughton, are deliberately opting for simpler phones for their children. They believe that “starting with a smartphone– not a good idea”, and strive to help children form healthy habits of using technology.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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