Adrien Rabiot's goal: his equalizer against Australia, the video

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Adrien Rabiot's goal: his equalizer against Australia, the video

ADRIEN RABIOT GOAL. After a failed start marked by the Australian opener, the French team came back together. Tuesday night in his first World Cup game, thanks to; Adrien Rabiot!

It took almost 20 minutes for the Blues to reassure themselves and pick up the score this Tuesday evening during their first meeting of the 2022 World Cup, a France – Australia very badly embarked on. after the opening of the fast score of Craig Goodwin from the 9th minute followed by the exit on injury of Lucas Hernandez, the left side of the Blues. Rabiot’s goal reassured them and liberated them. to sign in the end a big victory (4-1).

The light came from Adrien Rabiot, author of the equalization at; the 27th minute of play. right, the Australian defense struggled to clear and Theo Hernandez, entered; in play at the place of his brother, to recover to center in the surface where Adrien Rabiot was still running to regain the ball with his head.

1-1, the 2022 World Cup of Didier Deschamps and his team was launched, followed 5 minutes later by a second same goal from Olivier Giroud, decisive on a cross from the same Adrien Rabiot. Find the thread of the match in the live above.